Blog Tour ~ Fayette by Tim Rayborn ~ Excerpt | Giveaway

Blog Tour ~ Fayette by Tim Rayborn ~ Excerpt | Giveaway

Morning all!

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A big welcome to the Blog Tour for Fayette by Tim Rayborn! This is the fourth book in the Qwyrk Tales and I am so excited to be part of another tour for another book in the series (see my tour for Chantz here)!

Today I got an exclusive excerpt, a giveaway, and book/author information~

Ready? Let’s go!

Fayette by Tim Rayborn, Mysterious character with a hood on the cover, fantasy, adventure, fae, lgbt
Publishing Company: Thousand Acres/Armin Lear
Cover Artist: Casey Fritz
LGBTQ+ Identities (if applicable): Bisexual, lesbian
Is This Part of a Series?: Yes
Position (Number) in Series: Fourth
Necessary to Read Previous Books: Yes

Series Title: Qwyrk Tales
Other Books in Series Available for Review?: Yes
Title for Other Book(s) in Series:

1 – Qwyrk
2 – Lluck
3 – Chantz

Book Blurb:

As Halloween draws near, Qwyrk and company are abruptly reminded of just how screwed-up everything can get. Qwyrk and Holly are literally being driven apart by magical forces they don’t understand, and their friends are in disarray. Then Holly goes missing and Qwyrk loses something else that’s almost as important, while the behind-the-scenes scheming and shenanigans come to the fore at last. And who is the mysterious, ancient figure in red that seems to know all and see all, but annoyingly, won’t talk about it?

Traitors abound, old friends return, sides will be picked, and the final battle between good and evil will rage. To stop the actual end of the world from happening, Qwyrk might have to make a decision that will change her life forever.

Faytte is the final book in a series of four novels about the comic misadventures of a group of misfits at the edge of normal reality in modern northern England, a world of shadows, Nighttime Nasties in a bakery, a mysterious key, every monster you can imagine, an abundance of sarcasm, and the answers to all the questions. Oh, and Qwyrk is going to definitively prove that she’s not a bloody elf; they’re just silly!

Series Blurb:

Join the adventures of a group of misfits at the edge of reality in modern northern England, a world of shadows, Nighttime Nasties, sorcery, witchy magic, philosophical speculation, every monster under the moon, an abundance of sarcasm, and even elves… though they are a bit silly.

Buy here:Author Site
About the author:

Tim Rayborn, Author, Photograph, Long Hair, GlassesTim Rayborn has written an astonishing number of books over the past several years. He lived in England for quite some time and has a PhD from the University of Leeds, which he likes to pretend means that he knows what he’s talking about. His generous output of written material covers topics such as music, the arts, history, the strange and bizarre, fantasy and sci-fi, and general knowledge.

He’s also an acclaimed musician. He plays dozens of unusual instruments that quite a few people of have never heard of and often can’t pronounce. He has appeared on over forty recordings, and his musical wanderings and tours have taken him across the US, all over Europe, to Canada and Australia, and to such romantic locations as Marrakech, Istanbul, Renaissance chateaux, medieval churches, and high school gymnasiums.

He currently lives in Washington state (where it rains a lot), surrounded by many books and instruments, as well as with a sometimes-demanding cat. He is rather enthusiastic about good wines, and cooking excellent food.

Find him here:  


Holly busied herself with putting away the training mats she’d just happily dumped Qwyrk on to, musing on besting her worthy opponent, and just how deliriously happy she’d been these past six months. A memory flashed into her mind about something strange that had happened one night around Beltane, but it faded almost as soon as it appeared.
“Nothing important, I suppose,” she said as she tidied up. “Even the trees outside Qwyrk’s home stopped wandering around right about then. I’m sure it was all just some residual magic from some inept spell-caster. Maybe I dreamed it—”
A wave of pain rushed into her head. She cried out and fell to her knees, clutching at her temples. Surge after terrible surge pounded through her and she feared she might pass out. She saw herself in a dark area. In the distance, a shadowy, robed figure seemed to be waiting, arms folded and hands hidden in its sleeves. There was something familiar about it, as if she’d seen it before. Did it say something to her? She thought words formed in her head, but the figure faded back into the dark before she could make them out.
“Beti?” she heard a voice say, and she was back in the training room, crouching on the mat. Through the agony, she looked up to see her mother, Vishala, running to her and kneeling, reaching out to comfort her. “Beti, what is wrong? What is happening?”
At once, the pain passed. Holly lurched forward, feeling sick to her stomach. That sensation soon faded, though her face felt hot and flushed and she breathed in gasps, each intake of air bringing her back to her senses. She looked up at Vishala.
“Mother? What happened?”
“I do not know. Tell me, Beti, tell me what you felt.”
“It was horrid. Qwyrk just left. We’d been training. One moment, I was fine, and then I was in agony. It was like a hammer was striking at my head, but now it’s passed. I closed my eyes and saw… something? I can’t remember what. I’ve had several of those kinds of experiences recently, at least I think I have.”
“Since when? For how long?”
“I don’t know, maybe since spring? It’s like I’m in one place and then somewhere else, and then I’m back, but I never remember what I saw, or if I saw anything at all, or if it was just my imagination. Sometimes I think they’re just bad dreams or that I’m tired. It hasn’t happened for a while I don’t think, but this one was vivid. And it hurt. There’s always someone there, wherever it is I go, or whatever I see.”
“Someone? What someone? What do you see? Who is there?” Vishala held her by the shoulders in a firm grip and looked at her with a worried expression.
“I don’t know.” Holly shook her head. “I feel like I should, but I can never remember. I think it might be a woman? In a robe? A red robe? But that may just be me making things up. Oh, maybe I’m just going mad!”
Vishala gazed at her with concern and perhaps a hint of fear, shaking her head a little.
“What is it, mother? What’s happening?”
“I’m not sure, my child. But we will find out, I promise you.”
Holly gave her a weak nod, but she thought her mother knew more than she was saying.

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