Friday Favourites: 27-10-2023: Mystery Books

Friday Favourites: 27-10-2023: Mystery Books

Evening all~

A spooky and ghostly welcome to a new Friday Favourites! Today I am sharing some of my favourite mystery books!

OHHH and this girl LOVES mystery! Either a detective or a thriller, but also paranormal/spooky mystery! On the moment going through my Goodreads list and splitting my Butler-Did-It shelf into that and also a more paranormal/spooky mystery shelf. It is fun, but a lot. Haha. For today I picked a few that are either both or just pure sleuthing! I hope you all enjoy and be sure to check these books out~


What is Friday Favourites/Favorites? Each week you get a prompt and you can select a number of your own favourite books that fits that prompt. There doesn’t seem to be a limit on the books, I see people doing 4 and some doing 10 or more. As for me I think 7 is a nice number, so for each of the Friday Favourite prompts I will show you 7 of my favourites in that genre!
If you want more information + see the prompts, check out Functionally Fictional’s intro post!

Murder Most Unladylike (Murder Most Unladylike #1) by Robin Stevens , Blue, Murder, Boarding School, Friendship
Truly Devious, Maureen Johnson, Blue Cover with white text
Riley Sager, Home Before Dark, Red, Moon, Building, Dual POV, Horror, Thriller, Twists and Turns, Mystery, Ghosts
The Broken Girls Simone St. James
Purple, Flashlights, Forest, Podcast, Disappearance, Purple, Tom Ryan, I Hope You Are Listening, Mystery, Kidnapping,
A Good Girl's Guide to Murder, Young Adult, Holly Jackson
The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow  Jessica Haight ,  Stephanie Robinson, Two girls in the dark shining a flashlight, children's book, mystery
The Trophy Case (The Wright Detective #2) by Kelly Swan Taylor, Mystery, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Sports, Friendship

2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites: 27-10-2023: Mystery Books

  1. Oh I liked I hope youre listening, and that cover!! Autumnal colors on it too. G

    Now murder most unladylike is making me wondering what that’s all about.

    1. Murder Most Unladylike is about two girls, Daisy and Hazel, becoming friends at their boarding school and solving murders, it is set in England around 1930-1940. They also go on the Orient Express and even visit Egypt and Hongkong. It is a really fun series, has 9 books and a couple of novellas set between the books. I would recommend it. You see the girls grow up, get more and more serious about solving crimes and being detectives, and more.

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