Library Haul ~ 14-10-2023 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 14-10-2023 (Library #2+#3)

Afternoon all!!

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A spooktacular welcome to Library #2 and #3’s haul! I visited both these libraries yesterday and had a good time!

Library #3 was first and a bit of a disappointment. I didn’t find a lot at the new releases tables + the children/YA section. For some reason the new releases tables were also much emptier than normal. So I decided to check out the GN/comics section and there I managed to add some books to my stack. Hopefully next time is a better haul. I am still very happy with what I got, I am especially happy with the new Manon Sikkel + new Courtney Summers! Plus, I am curious about the BTS book, I am not a giant fan of them, like some people, but I still like their music and would love to learn more about them~

Onwards to Library #2! I had 13 books waiting for me there and was hoping to find a few more to bring home because 13 books is not that much, at least it is for me. Well, I managed that! I found a nice pile of books (and 3 magazines) to bring home. Including some new ones, but also several cute picture books and non-fiction books, like a yummy book full of recipes (I need that chocolate cake). I cannot wait to get reading!

STATS: 9 books at Library #3 and 30 at Library #2~ 39 new books to read, eep, excited.

First picture is Library #3 and the others are Library #2.

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Sara Paletti by Manon Sikkel, Katrien Holland
I’m The Girl by Courtney Summers
Reünie by Suzanne Peters
De mooiste plekjes in Friesland by Marleen Brekelmans
Beyond the Story by BTS, Myeongseok Kang
De meester-chocolatier #1 by Chetville
Bungalow 5 by Maarten Vande Wiele
Terug naar Liverpool by Hervé Bourhis, Julien Solè
Ogen zo blauw by Fred Duval, Michel Bussi, Nicolaï Pinheiro

Zo voelt dat by Bette Westera, Sylvia Weve
Een dag in het leven van… by Mike Barfield
Kattenogen en hondenfluitjes by Cathy Evans
Verrassende feiten over dieren by Emma Dods
Klinkt goed by Ole Könnecke, Hans Könnecke
De laatste boom by Luke Adam Hawker
Big Mamma by Big Mamma
Linda nr 39, 42, 40 by LINDA
Het rijmt niet op mol by Bethan Clarke
Ballerino by Anne Schneider
Hier is maar plaats voor een prinses by Ineke Debels, Katrien Benaets
Stil stad by Floor Tinga, Soetkine Aps
Niemand zoals oma by Ellen Lambrichts
Haas, Uil & Vos: Rara, waar denk ik aan? by Catherine Rayner
Wij blijven altijd bij elkaar by Smriti Halls
De tuin van mijn Baba by Jordan Scott, Sydney Smith

Alleen in films by Henriët Spronk
De strijd van de straatkatten by Barbara Laban, Jérôme Pélissier
Batcat: Precies goed by Meggie Ramm
Adele #4 by Mr. Tan
Hanna Panna by Judith Williams
De zomer waarin ik in een caravan woonde by Evelien Feltzer
Onderwaterhelden by Josien de Graaf
De bevrijding van Biesland by Nanda Roep
De wens van Ice Cream Boy by Lorena Veldhuizen, Stefan Yamá Cab
Hotel Magnifique by Emily J. Taylor
These Hollow Vows by Lexi Ryan
Zonder angst by Inge van Prooijen

2 thoughts on “Library Haul ~ 14-10-2023 (Library #2+#3)

  1. Wow Mehsi! 39 books? Did you leave any for anyone else?😂Well,I know what you will be doing this week! I hope you love all 39 of them and that you have a stress free and relaxing week!🍂🎃📚☕💜

    1. Haha, yeah, I may have left a few. 😂😂 Yes, reading a lot indeed! Thank you, hopefully both of those! I hope you also have a wonderful week, hope you like your new Netgalley books! 💕😍🌟✨

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