Review for A Strange Belief: Weird Stories

Review for A Strange Belief: Weird Stories

A Strange Belief by NS Ford, Electricity wires, short stories, horror, sci-fiI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

I am part of a book bloggers group chat on Twitter and the author (also a blogger) was asking around if people wanted to read her weird short story collection, given that it is almost Halloween when she asked and I was still looking for more weird/spooky books I couldn’t say no. So here I am. On the 12 of October I was definitely in the mood for something weird/strange, especially after reading all those Archie comics which were quite odd at times.

Definitely would recommend reading the introduction! This is from a girl who generally doesn’t do introductions or author notes, but this time was curious and is now happy she read it~

I wrote a short bit about each of the 8 stories + gave them a rating, let’s get to it.

A Strange Belief: Star rating, 3.5 stars: A guy is convinced that there is something called mind beetles. Beetles that feed of your brain energy. Yup. This was a fun story and I especially loved that the guy was talking to us, the reader, or well in his world we are at his bar drinking a beer (hoping it is a nice one) and listening to his story. At times his energy reminded me of what we in Dutch would call a wappie, and so my eyes were rolling a bit, but in the end I did find myself invested. It sounds quite creepy to have such things on your back. I guess it is a blessing that almost no one sees them. Imagine that! The ending, or should I say the last sentence, that made it perfect.
The Dweller in the Deep: Star rating, 4 stars: This one was very short, but oh I loved it so much. Mysterious wells in gardens, yep, I learned my lesson years ago (and not just thanks to Ringu), but these kids haven’t yet. I think after all this though? They will stay away. Far away. I loved that it wasn’t just a monster or a ghost lurking in the well, but an Eldritch being. That was just ace. It was a delightful spooky story.
You May Open Your Question Papers and Begin: Star rating, 3.5 stars: Oh snap! Dreams or more to say nightmares! It was a bit confusing when we went from x age to y age, but it also fitted with the weirdness of it all. Poor girl, I cannot imagine having to dream about an exam, especially a math one, all the time. The ending, ha, I didn’t see that one coming.
The Sad and Surprising History of the Axcrofte Apple: Star rating, 3.5 stars: Haha, this most certainly was a weird story. About a very special mutation. People with apples growing in them. Yup. Say hi to the Axcrofte apple. In this story we learn all about the mutation, about the lives of the first person with it, and how it went on. And then there is that ending, which I partially saw coming, yet not the note at the end.
Superior Brew: Star rating, 4 stars: OH MY GOSH. OK, this was a lot of fun to read which a very surprising ending. I love that it was from the POV of a teapot and read all about their feelings on the fact that NO ONE DRINKS tea at their house. It is all about coffee. Yup. The age old discussion of coffee or tea? Which is better. Well, you can guess what the teapot thinks about it. I did feel sorry for it. Maybe I should give my old tea pot a cuddle. These days I mostly use a thermos for my tea so it stays warm all day instead of just a short while.
Tentacles and Concrete: Star rating, 3.5 stars So instead of mind beetles we now have a person who believes that inanimate objects like pylons or lights posts are alive and that there are tentacles and oh yes they move. Yup. Yup. YUP. Fun times right? The ending was unexpected but also A-plus.
Follow Us to the Ends of the Earth: Star rating, 4.5 stars OH OH, this was just the best! What happens when a woman who lost her husband finds a trail of footsteps on a cliff? I really enjoyed this story and what happened when Trudie followed those footsteps and where she came to be! I loved what happens next, I guess that is the only solution, haha. I do wonder if they ever will find their way home or if they will forever be stuck in this new age. I loved the ending, and well, I guess I am curious, so yes, I may just follow.
Leap of Faith: Star rating, 3.5 stars: Oh a videogame story! I liked this one, especially since I am fan of games myself, though I have to say that I didn’t expect the story to end that way! I loved reading how the person never gave up until they reached the goal.

All in all, BOY, I am so happy I got this collection. This was fantastic and I hope that N.S. Ford write many more of these collections. I am a fan! I would recommend this one to all.

Star rating, 4 stars

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