Review for Glitch, Vol.1

Review for Glitch, Vol.1

Glitch, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) Shima Shinya, Mystery, MangaI received this book from Netgalley/Yen Press in exchange of an honest review.

😍It was quite weird from the start, haha. Minato is at their new class and suddenly an apparition/shadow appears and it is a scary one! From that moment on we get more and more spooky hints and sometimes see things appear in the sky or in the town. There is even someone in town who is from the other side and handles things for the ones that also got to here. I am so curious about the events in the other world and what the shadows/apparitions have to do with it.
😍I loved how Akira (the younger sibling) found a friend group immediately. It always makes me smile seeing new kids connect with others so easily.
😍Oh, Minato! They keep losing their way, getting lost, which just made me laugh because they seem so mature and yet one little distraction and they are lost. Well, I guess even without the distraction they would get lost. It is quite a skill to get that lost in such a little town.
😍Minato being mentioned either by their name or they/them/their. And I am guessing given what mom said in the car: “You don’t have to go to school.” is also about that. I loved that everyone in town did their best to give the right pronouns/call them Minato. I am curious about Minato, but since it is is not relevant to the plot as it is maybe this will be all there is about it.
😍I loved that we got to see a lot of things through Minato, but also through Akira!
😍The art was an interesting/quite pretty style. I loved how the apparitions appeared and how they looked. Plus, the character designs were also good!
😍I loved Minato and Akira form an investigation group with the kids Akira befriended earlier. How they went to see how often things appeared and if it was more than years before. Plus, also try to figure out what is going on. I am not sure if I would have had the courage, especially not seeing that big shadow they encountered. Yes, the shadows don’t seem to do much, but who knows.. Don’t want to get on the wrong side.
😍The new character that was added. Hirata-chan. I was at first worried the story would turn a certain way (more silly) but instead Hirata was a great addition and could bring in some inside info which was handy.
😍The ending took up things a notch and I just love how it went from mysterious to OH FUCKITY. I am very curious about what is next and what is lurking in that place!

All in all, this was a good volume. Mostly mysterious with some spooky apparitions but it definitely set the base for something big and spooky and I need the next volume!

Star rating, 4 stars

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