Review for Jungle Juice, Vol. 1

Review for Jungle Juice, Vol. 1

Jungle Juice, Vol. 1 Hyeong Eun , Juder, Action, Manwha, Bug with a man behind it with green eyesI received this book from the publisher + Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was very much curious about this manwha when I saw it pop on my Twitter feed! And boom, there it was on Netgalley! Me doing a prayer in the hopes that the Yen Press/Ize Press gods would be kind, and yes they were! Thank you!

In this one we say hello to a world which has something that normal worlds don’t have. Humans with insect abilities/insect attributes (how I will get to that). Cue to our MC who has a couple of dragonfly wings. Which doesn’t make his life much easier. One he has to hide them, not the easiest or the most comfortable. Two that means that he can never let anyone get close to him, which also means no dating or drinking. We see him go through his life, pretty much as the prince of college. I have to say that those first pages? I wasn’t finding him very likeable, but when we learn of his secrets I could understand him better. And I liked him even more when something horrible happens and he has to save the girl that likes him (and he likes back). Then things really get into a maelstrom because now his secret is out! Because it is not the end of the story, oh no, it is the start of a new chapter and I was very excited to see what would be next for Suchan.

Well, what is next is a hidden society full of peeps with insect abilities/attributes. Not just dragon flies like Suchan, but also cockroaches, ants, even some scorpions. There are options there. You can go to school/college or just live a life as a citizen. Which I loved. A safe (or as safe as it can be) haven for people who are not like normal humans. People who are shunned by society. Suchan of course chooses college and not just because he wants to learn, but also because there is something special that happens to the top student when graduating. Something that really sets everyone off to get to that top spot and something that made the book already full of action because hot dang. If you thought college was going to be easy with some teaching and learning new things? Oh better be ready for a full Battle Royale (well, without murder it seems) to just get a course! It really set the tone and I was very eager to get to see what courses there would be and what they would learn there.

I loved seeing Suchan getting better at his dragon fly skills. It was so cool to see him go from a guy who wants to hide them and doesn’t really know how to use his wings to a guy who does some epic things.

The teachers were a bit of a mixed bag. I am glad that to say that I wasn’t a fan of the old grumpy big old dude teacher but as the story progressed, especially given events later on, I warmed up to the guy. He still is a bit of a dick, but I  could see more of his reasons why.

Plus, next to this already high stakes college course we also have two evil antagonists! Especially the woman antagonist is one big hot mess and she is ready to make everything very bad for everyone. I really love the addition of two antagonists, because now not only do we have even higher stakes but there is also the mystery. Who is the woman? Why is she so dedicated? Who is the boss? Why can’t everyone just get along?

There are some fab battles and some fantastic moments that had me on the edge of my seat (well, curled in bed). I just couldn’t stop reading. This was just WAY too good.

Oh, and I am sure you are curious on how people got these attributes/skills? Well, I will say one thing, be careful with bug spray/bug juice. It may do something else next to getting rid of the insect/bug for you. 😆

The art was also fabulous and I loved the style.

All in all, I am invested and I need more of this manwha. I need to know what is next and I also need to know if there ever will be a good cure, because I am sure that while a lot of these people are OK with it, there will be enough that want to be cured and just join the normal society again. I would highly recommend it! Action, insects, gore, battles, and more!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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