Review for Knight Sir Louis and the Sinister Snowball

Review for Knight Sir Louis and the Sinister Snowball

Knight Sir Louis and the Sinister Snowball  The Brothers McLeod, Adventure, Humour, Magic, Fantasy, Snow, KnightsI received this book from the publisher + Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

The newest book for this series and it seems I missed a couple of books in the middle, haha, I guess I got something to read. And I guess I will do so in English given that the Dutch translation stopped after book 2. But that didn’t matter for this book. I was a bit worried about that but I just stepped into the story and I was back into that strange world again.

In this book something ominous is happening again, it is getting colder and colder! Something strange is coming from the north. Are those snowball with eyes? I was invested! I needed to know what or who The Sinister Snowball is (and yes, he is really a snowball a very big one even) and what his plans were (sinister plans of course, but what was he planning for the planet/home of Knight Sir Louis). I loved reading about the various towns and parts of the world before it came close to Knight Sir Louis home/castle of King Burt. There are still so many places to explore and I hope we do so in next books (and maybe did in the previous books, I guess I got to get reading, haha).

But before Knight Sir Louis can defeat the snowball he is summoned to a school near a volcano (because hey, why not) and there he learns that these people are time travels. From a time where the plans of the giant snowball succeeded. They are desperate to fix this timeline and their timeline and it seems that Knight Sir Louis is just the hero needed! I had a laugh when he was sorted into houses and that there was a guy who was just so Malfoy. I know that we live in a time that HP stuff isn’t really cool anymore, but I just loved this parody on it. I loved meeting various people and see Knight Sir Louis make a friend and get to training so he would be fully ready!

And there are plenty of other things happening. Like with a certain wizentor (was that the word) and what the Sinister Snowball is planning, or how King Burt goes a bit loopy in the head (even more than normal). Oh and Sharon! Hi Sharon! There are songs for walruses and a flying robot horse.

And then when things really get in motion? That was just oodles of fun and I was rooting for everyone! There were some plot stuff that I didn’t expect and that had me go OMG YES! That is brilliant! The ending was just fabulous and it was all I wanted + more!

The little bits in between with the villagers was fun! At times I just wanted to continue so they were a bit of a distraction, but for most I liked them.

I loved the chapters and the little chapters in between when something happened that was worth mentioning. Like the chapter in which things go really bad. Or a chapter from the POV of the snowball.

I would highly recommend this one! I finished this one in one go, I just couldn’t stop!

Star rating, 4.5 stars


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