Review for Legends of Norse Mythology

Review for Legends of Norse Mythology

Legends of Norse Mythology: Enter a world of gods, giants, monsters and heroes Tom Birkett , Isabella Mazzanti, Gods and the Tree of Life, mythology, children's bookI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just LOVE LOVE mythology stories so when I saw this stunning book up on Netgalley? I just had to go for it! I just wanted to read more Norse mythology + I was hoping the illustrations inside would be just as pretty as the cover!

In this gorgeous book we get to meet gods, goddesses, and mythical beings/monsters/giants. From Loki to Gullveig to Fenrir and Surt. And in between we get 4 stories about other topics, of course all related to Norse Mythology! I really loved seeing what we could expect and I was hoping there were some new things to learn/new things to read about! I always love it when a book about a topic I read more books about surprises me!

And boy, it was stunning! Each two pages is one page with the story/information about that specific god/other and then on the other page was an absolutely stunning illustration. Really, I definitely want some of these on my wall! Like Loki, hello, Loki. Normally prefer short hair, but um, hi! 🙈 I loved how the information was given. First an introduction, then some more information along with where you can find gods/beings and lastly we get some quick pointers/facts to complete the portrait of that person/being. It was a lot of fun to read, and yes, I learned a couple of new things along the way~ Which is definitely always a plus in my book! The information that we get is well-written and I enjoyed the style (and it even made me laugh at times).

The only thing was that the font was a bit tiny, I am sure that this is no issue when one gets a real copy of the book, but for the ebook it was at times a bit squinty even with my glasses, haha.

But in overall, HIGHLY recommended if you are a fan of Norse Mythology and love some gorgeous art along with it.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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