Review for Mina and the Slayers

Review for Mina and the Slayers

Mina and the Undead #2 Mina and the Slayers Amy McCaw, Vampires, Purple, Spooky, Halloween, Young Adult, Romance, LGBT, MurderThe newest book in the series and things are going to get spooky and bloody this Halloween!

A book I had on my shelves since October 2022, but just never was in the mood for, don’t ask why. But finally I decided to just go for it in May and then I couldn’t stop reading. Haha. This was just so fun! I was planning this review in June/July, but things got busy with my blog and so it was moved to October, perfect for the Halloween season~

This time it is not just the vampires making a mess, it is humans as well!

I loved meeting the slayers. Well, OK, most of them, haha, some were just too BLEH. It was quite interesting to read about their past and what they are doing. I can imagine that Mina felt unsure about things, but loved that she kept an open mind and also explained it later to Jared. That she wasn’t just killing everything, just vampires who were being a tad too murderous. I was also happy that we got so much of the slayers in this book, they play a vital part in the story and it makes me happy. Plus, it gave that character an extra boost!

Oh, and be sure not to get attached to a lot of characters… that is all I will say.

I wasn’t always sure about Jared x Mina, I just wished they had talked sooner/discussed things more clearly. I get that they are teens and that Jared is still processing things, but come on guys. You want this relationship to work and that isn’t done by silence or just dancing around each other. Mina you want more affection and love and show Jared it is fine if he wants to feed on her (after some research of course) and Jared you want affection and more happiness back in your relationship with Mina. Go talk. I am happy when things got better around halfway in the book, when they finally chatted and finally found their connection again. I was fully back to shipping these two.

There are also plenty of villains in this one and tons of secrets will be coming out of the woodwork. Not just about things that happened in the previous book (like Thandie) but also something to do with Della’s past, the King of Vampires in Orleans, Veronica is back, and there is a lot more. Plus, there is also someone more human wandering around town and stabbing people. There is a lot and I have to say it never was too much. In fact it all just clicked together. They were two plots, but worked together. Both got their time and spotlight so that you feel that both fitted the book. Plus, I loved that we didn’t just have dangerous vampires wandering around, but also humans. It was never boring, in fact I was fully invested!

The ending felt a bit weird in regards to the vampire plot, I had expected a bit more from it, but it felt like BOOM BOOM, and then back to normal. It just felt jarring. But I guess it leaves enough open for the next book, including that note at the end! I am definitely into more Mina! Give it!

As for the human murder plot I just loved that ending and how we got an extra boost of OMG! You thought this was over, oh HECK no.

Other things I loved, that it took place around Halloween and on Halloween along with some fun events there, the references to a lot of things from that time, the costumes, that Mina is working for the cops and helping out, the cover was cool, that we got some extra information on spooky stories in New Orleans, the battle with the slayers vs the vampires, seeing the mansion again and see how hard Libby is working to make it all work, see the mansion and the new rooms.

All in all, this was a jam-packed awesome book in the series. Definitely no second-book-in-a-series-syndrome here. Thankfully! I would recommend this book + the series to all.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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