Review for Shadow’s House, Vol.1

Review for Shadow’s House, Vol.1

Shadows House 1 by Somato, Two Girsl one shadow one normal standing with a mirror between them, fantasy, mysteryWelcome to a house full of shadows.. and their puppets.

I saw the anime when it aired and just loved the show so much. It gets quite dark with each passing episode and it was fab. So when I saw that the Manga Cult (German publisher) was releasing the manga series in Germany I was so excited! I could finally read the manga while waiting for the next season of the show.

And just like the anime this one starts off very calm and easy. There are some hints to things to come, but for most it was just easy days. We meet a girl named Emilico who works in the house. She cleans Lady Kate’s room + is her face. Her face I hear you say. Yes, each puppet had a shadow that looks like them. Or well, I should say each shadow has a puppet that looks like them. The purpose of these puppets is, next to at the moment cleaning and making sure that all the soot is gone (shadows expel soot, mostly depending on their moods), to be the face and the expressions of the shadow person. As you can see on the cover, Kate’s face is not really one you can see. And that is where Emilico comes in. Well, eventually at least. In the start of the series Emilico is mostly trying to figure things out, clean up the soot, make sure everything is sparkling, and learns all about the House and about her mistress, Kate.

I love Emilico. She is so happy, so joyful. I love that despite all the hard work and that she doesn’t seem to have many memories of anything prior, she goes at it with vigour and is eager to learn more about Kate. At times she is a bit much though, haha, her heart is in the right place so she means well, but sometimes she just goes a bit too far. But she always makes sure to apologize and make things right again, which is sweet. I loved how she tried to make Kate laugh, it is not easy to see if a shadow is laughing or smiling, and I love how Emilico gave it a try.

And I love Kate as well. You would think that she is stand-offish given her status, but in fact she is not at all. OK, sure, sometimes she acts a bit uppity, but for most she is there for Emilico, making sure she eats well, making sure that she is happy, figuring out what makes Emilico ticks, and even tries to help her learn how to read.

Because I saw the anime I know how things will go. I know what the puppets actually are (and there are plenty of hints in this volume as well) along with several of the secrets of the house. We do get a few hints, including seeing that soot is just not only soot but that you really need to clean it properly. We meet a couple of other puppets and their masters/mistresses. I am very excited to see if the manga and the anime are close to each other or if there are scenes we didn’t see in the anime. I am excited to see some of my favourite (and some scary moments) to appear in the manga.

The art was just so pretty and I really love the style~

All in all, I will have to get the next book ASAP, maybe by the time this review goes up (it is now the 19th) I will have purchased it~ I would highly recommend this first volume (plus be sure to also check out the anime).

Star rating, 5 stars

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