Review for Tales to Keep You Up At Night

Review for Tales to Keep You Up At Night

Tales to Keep You Up at Night by Dan Poblocki, Girl lying in bed reading with all sorts of shadows closing in on her, horror, short stories, children's booksSome books should not be read. Even if they contain super awesome spooky tales!

A girl finds a book in her grandma’s attic and decides to ignore the warnings! Yep. Because that is what happens when you warn people. Then again, I would have done the same. Probably. Haha. Sorry, I just have a hard time resisting a good spooky tale!

In this book we meet Amelia, a girl who is NOT happy with things at this point. Her grandma disappeared a year ago and it is now time to empty her house and go on with life. But she doesn’t want that and I could very well understand. Not to mention there is a small annoying brother who keeps pestering her, and I was all on her side. When she finds a book of tales in the attic she gets curious! But she also decides to do the good thing and check if the book is missing from the library. When she finds out it is not she decides to read it. I was cheering for her there, haha, I know she should help out her moms and that she should go back, but heck, I would have done the same given everything.

The stories are spooky and get more and more scary as the book continues. Not just that.. things are leaking into the real world as well. Those bells from the grandma in the attic story? Amelia can hear them! That car that was featured in the story about the boy who disappeared 3 days? It is outside the library. I really enjoyed reading the stories and see what happens in there. From babysitting with someone in the attic to tarot cards getting a bit too real. There is a story for everyone and boy they were at times quite scary. They didn’t entirely keep me up all night, but there were a few that will sit with me for a while.

I loved seeing more and more the connection between the stories and then the main story. The names. When we first meet Baby Witch and what she tells the MC in that story along with us the reader. Certain themes that kept coming back. Some were obvious, others made me gasp. I also liked seeing the MC stitch everything together and figure things out. What happened to her grandma/grandpa. What happened in the past. If the stories are true/really happened. And what will happen next!

The ending was fab and while I still have some questions I am happy with how it ended.

But while I absolutely loved the stories and how it all was connected.. I also found it to be too much? I mean, I get it, those families hurt your family. Your history is turned to nothing. I get that you are vengeful. That apparently you all turned into real witches or whatever they really were. But seriously? It’s been ages. Maybe instead of hurt and murder and vengefulness you could just let people know about your family in another way? Like that first story, at least the first part, just let people know about the unjust that happened to you and let people know not to buy into rumours and silly stories.

All in all, I flew through this book, it was just SO good! I definitely would recommend it and I will be getting the next book in the series as soon as I can!

Star rating, 5 stars

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