Review for That Time the Manga Editor Started a New Life in the Countryside, Vol. 1

Review for That Time the Manga Editor Started a New Life in the Countryside, Vol. 1

That Time the Manga Editor Started a New Life in the Countryside Vol. 1 Kumagae, Man showing rice and a manga and being enthusiastic, manga, rice, farming, funI received this manga from the publisher/Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Haha, another manga with a way too long title. But it did grab me along with the fun cover!

What do you do when the manga magazine you are editing for stops and you totally burn out? Go back? Or do something absolutely wild and new? Yohei decides to go for wild and new and finds out about rice farming! I loved seeing him get all into it and learning all the ropes. It was so fun to see him really love the rice farming and figuring out things. Plus, I liked that it wasn’t just about rice farming, but also about him thinking about his life. What to do and what to choose. I mean, will he just keep on going back and forth to his little plot or will he live close by? But what about his wife? What about his friends? And so on. It really made for a good read along with getting a bit of information on the progress of rice farming, and you know what, I would love to try it. Sadly, not in Japan and I wouldn’t even know if there are rice farms in my country, haha.

Oh, and it gave me some Silver Spoon vibes! With how the MC is + of course the farming parts, though this one just mainly focusses on rice farming.

I also loved how he started as a manga editor, left and went to do stuff in the countryside and then went back to make a manga about it all. But it also had me laughing as it felt like breaking the fourth wall/meta. I loved that the guy he talked to was interested and that he could get drawing/making the story. Though I have to say, I am happy that most of the manga just focussed on the fun farming and getting used to the countryside.

I also loved the other characters. Yohei’s wife Miyu, who is big into cosplay and does all sorts of fun things with it, and who is really sweet and supportive. Though, hello, I would also be pissed/unhappy if I was just married to some sweet guy and he never spends time with me, I could understand that she felt insecure, but I am happy that things got solved and she was 100% behind Yohei and his dreams. He should have just talked to her sooner instead of worrying and making things worse. Next up is the girl who handles all these things for the cityfolk who want to become a rice farmer, Chika. I really liked Chika, she was sweet and she really helped and explained everything. There are also some other supportive characters popping up as the story continues and I hope we see more of them in the later volumes.

There were a few things that didn’t always click with me/seemed weird. Like at one point we go back and forth between now and then, burnout to farming to making a manga about it. Or how he told the guy when he pitched that he lived in an apartment building yet when we get to the whole living in another world (aka countryside) he goes to live in a house. One that needs some love. So unless he later changes to a more modern house it was weird. And also that he said that a Starvucks (which had me in stitches given how you pronounce that) was nearby I didn’t expect that he needed a car to get anywhere. I mean if there is a SV then there are stores. Right?

The art was really great, I really enjoyed the style of it.

All in all, I would recommend this fun manga to all!

Star rating, 4 stars

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