Review for The Midnight Game

Review for The Midnight Game

The Midnight Game Cynthia Murphy, Thriller, Young Adult, Flame, Dares, Mystery, GameIt is time for the Midnight Game.. are you ready? Get your candles lit, and let’s go!

The newest book by Cynthia Murphy and HECK this was awesome! Read this one for my summer vacation/blogging vacation in August. I kinda wanted to wait until October, but I just couldn’t wait any longer.

😍Reading about other dares and supernatural/urban legends was just such a well-done bonus extra! There were several that sounded so cool, and some really sounded like bad things (and gave me instantly the song: “Dumb ways to die.” in my head).
😍Getting to read texts/messages and not just from the now but also from then and seeing how everything just clicks together and you discover all the little bits. It was just so much fun to puzzle things together and see things clearer. Some revelations didn’t come until later, but I can tell you they all made me go OMG! As expected from Cynthia Murphy~
😍How what is real and what is not mixed together. There is someone murdering people. There are bad things happening. But is it truly all just one person? Are there two? And what about the demon they summoned? Is the dare/urban legend correct? I mean a real flesh and blood killer is horrific and well bad, but what if it is a demon that can really just get anywhere?
😍The murders and the bad things that happen are gruesomely told and I loved that the author didn’t shy away from some icky/gory bits.
😍Multiple POV! They can work, or they cannot, but I can tell you that they worked! Ellie, Mei were my favourites. I really liked both the girls. But the others, even the ones that had me scratching my head and later wanting to hurl things at (no I won’t tell you which characters) were well written.
😍That we, next to multiple POV get a little date + time stamp so you can see when what is happening and how late it is. Crucial for a game that has a time limit that requires you to be awake and with light for several hours. You don’t want to screw up and mess up the time, right?
😍How scary things got. It got REAL tense for many times and that is before things got really disturbing. The whole vibe was already scary and terrifying from the start, because again, is there really a demon in this school? Are they really being hunted? Or is it just collective paranoia! I loved it.
😍The ending, holy cow, that was just terrifying and I was just on the edge of my seat (or curled up in bed, I don’t know anymore, haha) and couldn’t stop reading. I had to know how things would end and what would happen next. Who would survive in the end?

All in all, HIGHLY recommended! If you love dares + urban legends + things go horrifically wrong… This is for you!

Star rating, 5 stars

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