Review for The Snatcher of Raven Hollow

Review for The Snatcher of Raven Hollow

The Snatcher of Raven Hollow Matt McMann, Monster on the window sill with the moon outside, monsters, friendship, summer, mystery, scary, horrorA dark and fun book with a great twist!

I saw this series (Monsterious) a lot on my Twitter, people seemed to really like it, and well… I was already looking for a new spooky series so here we are! Since it didn’t seem to be needed to read in order I decided to go for the one that seemed the most awesome out of the two out (I read this one in early August when book 3 wasn’t out yet). This one just sounded so cool, so decisions were made!

In this exciting book we have a normal summer turn into something wholly different when babies keep on disappearing! Logan and his best friend Teo are going to investigate, albeit Logan a bit more reluctantly as he mostly just wants to have a normal summer, haha, and blame him. Especially as the story gets much darker and the realm of monsters is popping by. Could it be a monster doing it? But which one? I loved that the kids were investigating, talking to people, finding out about various lore. Things got more and more tense as the story continued, especially when the monsters got close to Logan’s family!

The last part in which Logan and Teo go to confront whatever is lurking in the woods/cave and all that happens there was one big rollercoaster. It was scary, exciting, and OMG.

But then when you think the book is over, everything is done and said, there is a twist. I won’t spoil it, but HOLY CRAP, I was just OH NO OH NO OH NOOOOOO! It was fantastic. I just loved it so much. A-plus there to the author!

The only thing I wasn’t always a fan of? Teo. Teo was a bit too much at times, always pushing her will and her things on her best friend Logan. I am glad that he eventually stepped up and I am also happy to say that Teo did seem to repent, now I just hope that she keeps on thinking about things, not just push her things but also be more considerate.

All in all, this is one spooky book and I really enjoyed it, I definitely want to check out more of this series, maybe I will get the other books for Halloween/Spooktober!

Star rating, 5 stars

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