Review for Touring After the Apocalypse, Vol. 1

Review for Touring After the Apocalypse, Vol. 1

Touring After the Apocalypse, Vol. 1 Sakae Saito, Apocalypse, Two girls on a bike riding through ruins, mangaA fun roadtrip.. in the apocalypse!

Back in June I was really in the mood for horror/apocalypse stories so when I came across this one I had to give it a shot. It looked really fun and I just love seeing people travel, especially when the setting isn’t the normal one.

In this one two girls are touring through Japan ruined by apocalypse. From nature parts to the location of Comiket. Our MC is following the old Instagram of her sister (still not sure if it is screenshots or that the internet still works somehow, that was just not clear to me) and travelling through Japan. It is a big journey for her, especially since she has never seen the outside or other humans. Yes, I say other humans.. because we do find something out about her companion that raises more questions and had me going, WAIT what? I am really curious what truly sparked our MC to go outside, though I guess when one lives underground for long, at one point someone gets curious enough. I know I would.

I loved the journey and loved seeing all the places they visit. Some I recognised from what I know about Japan/from anime or manga. Yes, it is sad because most is ruined/underwater, but it is also strangely beautiful. There is a hint of sadness, humour, adventure, and more. I love it. I do have a lot of questions on what happened to the world and to the humans. We do get some hints (some shocking), but not that many! Plus, I need to know more about that cyborg/robot-human they met. Are there more like him?

BUT I am just not sure about the dreams and how they work. I mean it is one thing to just dream about something fun, but to gain information on your bike? UMMM. Yeah. No. That just didn’t work for me. I do hope that either we get a more logical explanation on it or it just stops all together.

All in all, I do have plans on reading this one further. Maybe by the time this review is up I will have read the second volume… or maybe I will wait until it is Spooktober~

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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