Review for We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt

Review for We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt

We're Going on a Ghost Hunt by Martha Mumford, Cherie Zamazing, Night with a moon and four bunnies hopping by in costumes, halloween, picture book, ghosts, cuteA delightful picture book perfect for Halloween! Let’s go on a ghost hunt!

I came across this one a few months ago on a book blog and was instantly charmed by this cute and spoopy book! I knew I had to get it for Halloween, and here we are, October is here and it is finally time!

In this adorable book we follow 4 bunnies (in wonderful costumes) as they go on a ghost hunt! It is Halloween after all and it is time for spookiness, time for adventure, time to find some ghosts! What kind of ghosts will they encounter on their adventure, and what else would be lurking behind things? I really had a lot of fun seeing them go on a big adventure and that the reader could help them with their ghost hunt! Yes, the reader can help! Because this book has flaps. Not on every page, but every two-page spread has two flaps. One hides something spooky, the other something adorable (though frankly the ghosts were cute as well, haha). It was really fun to open the flaps and see what you would find underneath it. A cute ghost? Or something else?
Plus, I really enjoyed the adventure as it was as well as they go through forests, past warty frogs, and end up at a very magical/witchy place! I was just hopping along with them and wished more than ever that one could go into books, so many things I would love to be part of.

The illustrations were really lovely and I like their style. It was spooky, it was adorable, it was just all spoopy and fun! Oh, and I loved how the cover is all shiny and sparkly as well~

All in all, if you are looking for a fun spoopy picture book to read with your little one (or just by yourself as I do) I would recommend this one!

Star rating, 5 stars

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