Review for Winnie and Wilbur: The Festival of Witches

Review for Winnie and Wilbur: The Festival of Witches

Winnie and Wilbur The Festival of Witches by Valerie Thomas, Yellow background and witches having a party, picture book, children's book, magicIt is time for the annual Worldwide Witches Festival + more for Winnie the Witch!

I just love this series so much and I was delighted that one of my libraries had the newest book, in Dutch, in stock! I was already hunting for some fun books perfect for Halloween. You need to find that balance after all. Tons of spooks, but also some laughs!

In this book Winnie (in Dutch Hennie as in Hennie de Heks which is perfect) and Wilbur (in Dutch Helmer, and in this case I prefer the English name) are off to the annual Worldwide Witches’ Festival! A big big party for all the witches in the world. A big celebration of being a witch! Doing magic (like turning a fountain into a drink machine), dancing, making new friends, reading new books, and more. I just wanted to step into the book during the festival (and then later during other parts) because it all looked like a hoot, I wanted to be part of it it!

The festival is just one thing. Yup. I thought it was just going to be that, I didn’t read the blurb, haha, so I was happily surprised to see Hennie, sorry, Winnie go out and find her new friends! Go stay for a few days and discover new castles, new homes. Some of these witches have some awesome homes. I loved that one that was in a tree! It was great seeing Winnie have the greatest of funs and make new friends. And then the ending made me smile even more with what happened there. But no, I won’t tell you! But it is oodles of fun and made me smile.

I love the illustrations in this series. A lot of series have witches drawn as hideous creatures with warts and bumps and other stuff, but the witches in this book just look normal women. The abundance of colour + the pointy hat, and oh yes the broom, are the giveaways you may have encountered a witch. I also love that there are witches of every colour. Very pale to very dark. Plus, another thing I love about the illustrations is how much detail there is. The illustrations are big, awesome, and fantastic.

All in all, I would recommend this fun book to all! This is a sweet and fun read for the Halloween season!

Star rating, 4 stars

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