Review for Zombie 100 – Bucket List of the Dead, Vol.9

Review for Zombie 100 – Bucket List of the Dead, Vol.9

Zom 100 Bucket list of the dead vol.9 by Haro Aso, Akira lying on a lot of cash like a king, zombies, apocalypse, horror, humourIt is time! Collecting cans in Osaka + friendship + tons of zombies~

Our group celebrates the New Year in classic Zom 100 fashion. Haha, at times you would think there are no zombies! But we are getting in the fray not too long after as our group arrives at the gorgeous Osaka! But what is this? The zombies are different! Yup. We have seen various zombies over the series, even a shark zombie, but for most of the zombies were the same speed. The same way you could destroy them. Well, say hello to Osaka zombies, who are still very much genki and spirited and are not that easily defeated. That part definitely made me laugh a lot because from what I have seen in manga and anime Osakans are definitely a different kind of person and it is fun that this also translates to them as zombies.

I was a tad worried at a point because with those new zombies.. what would happen next? Given that there are several volumes out so far and thus far no one from the main team has died/turned zombie I wasn’t worried too much, but you never know. Never trust zombie books! But Kencho and Akira meet up with an old friend from university, Takemina! I really loved that we met a new character and that the guy was just as weird/funny as our duo, I can see the friendship! I loved the flashbacks~

And we learn that there is a safe heaven from zombies! Those castles aren’t just good for invading humans it seems! Though later in the story we see that the top elite there… well you know how in the apocalypse it isn’t always the zombies you should worry about? That also goes for these peeps. I loved seeing our group try to think of a way to meet the big boss (for reasons) and I loved that they decided to go for a bar (though Kencho, eww no dude just no, I am glad the girls were also like heck no bye). But doing a bar in the world of zombies? Well you can guess it is not the easiest, but I loved that they kept trying even though they had to manoeuvre over some bumps.

I am sad though to see how Akira changed. We know that he can be easily influenced, or however you want to call it, and I just wasn’t happy with it. I wanted to give him a big old whoop on the head. I am curious how long this safe heaven will last. I am sorry, but I have read way too many zombie novels to know that safe heavens generally don’t stay safe heavens. I am hoping this one stays it, but I do worry.

Oh, and that bonus story just made me laugh so much. They really have some fun things on that bucketlist.

Star rating, 5 stars

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