Six for Sunday ~ 15-10-2023: Night Covers (Books with nighttime settings on the cover)

Six for Sunday ~ 15-10-2023: Night Covers (Books with nighttime settings on the cover)

Good evening all! BOO!

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Welcome to a new Six for Sunday! This week is Night covers, aka books with nighttime setting on the cover!

I wasn’t able to do last week’s SfS, I was just too knackered. And today I am kind of knackered as well (yesterday a friend popped by and it got late, haha), but I really wanted to do this post so here we are! Maybe next week I will do both forest and ghosts! Maybe combine the two? I should investigate this week!

But for this week it was nighttime setting on cover and I had fun finding all the spooky books featuring just that. Because it is Spooktober and we got to keep it spooky! BOO! I am a bit sad that it is already halfway through the month, my mind still thinks it is the start of October.😔😔 Reading-wise it is going pretty nicely, but I haven’t watched a lot of things yet. I really need to get to watching some spooky stuff! But on to the post, I got some really fun books featuring the prompt and also picked some not so normal coloured nighttime skies! I got 4 children’s books and 2 YA books. All recommended!

The Six for Sunday is normally made by Steph from Alittlebutalot. Each week features a new theme in which bloggers have to find 6 books/characters/other things. But since she hasn’t been adding new prompts these prompts are from Chonky Books (check her blog out here) who decided to make her own! So happy that SfS is still going strong~

Mina and the Undead, Amy McCaw, House, Girl, Fence, Vampires, Murder, Mystery, Halloween, Spooky,
There's Something Out There, (You're Invited to a Creepover, Book 5, Horror, Monster, Brother, Friendship, Sleepovers, Backstory, Children's Books, P.J. Night, Night, Girls, Trees, Monster, Moon
Nightmares! Jason Segel , Kirsten Miller , Karl Kwasny, Purple nightsky with a big moon and a big mansion, monsters, mystery, horror, children's books
The Snatcher of Raven Hollow Matt McMann, Scary Monster coming through the window with the moon in the sky, horror, children's books
You're Not Supposed to Die Tonight Kalynn Bayron, Romance, LGBT, Girl, Curly Hair, Moon, Camp, Summer, Summer Camp, LGBT, Young Adult, Horror, Mystery, Mirror Lake
Dead Voices, Small Spaces, Katherine Arden, Blue Cover, Car, Woods, Mountains

2 thoughts on “Six for Sunday ~ 15-10-2023: Night Covers (Books with nighttime settings on the cover)

  1. Ohhh all the pretty spooky covers 🥰
    I absolutely haven’t watched any horror movies yet 😝 i’m not a movie person to begin with.. but I haven’t been feeling it

    1. Yay! Happy you like them~
      Well, I am normally big on horror stuff, but I don’t know, I am just not liking the ones I have seen + not in the mood as well. Not sure what is up this year.

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