Spooktober is here, Halloween is coming – Book TBR 2023

Spooktober is here, Halloween is coming – Book TBR 2023

Afternoon all!

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ARE YOU READY? Welcome to a spooky TBR time! The first of the Spooktober is here, Halloween is coming  duology! Today I am sharing the books I want, nay, need to read for Spooktober!

Finally, FINALLY, I can get started on all the spooky books! I have been searching around for spooky stuff and I am delighted to share with you all the books I got this year. I got some great ones both on my physical stack as on my Kindle/ebook stack! Back when I first wrote this post mid-September I didn’t have that much on my physical stack, but now at the end of September? Boo, I got so much again thanks to German manga + Kindle books + library hauls and I am all loving it! I am pretty sure I won’t get to read them all, but who knows. Whoop whoop! I cannot wait to get started on these, now the question remains, which one first. The age old question that I ask myself each year.

I got two parts again, this year I made some fun banners for them. Physical and Kindle books!

What are you reading this upcoming Spooktober? Do you have any recommendations on books I need to read ASAP? I love a good haunted house story! So let me know in the comments~

Oh, and look forward to my horror movies/series post coming tomorrow!

FINAL UPDATE: 1-11 Read: Ura Baito: Toubou Kinshi #1 (★★★★1/2 stars), Ura Baito: Toubou Kinshi #2/#3 (★★★★ stars), The Cathedral (★★★★1/2 stars), Clockword (★★★★1/2 stars), Clementine Book One (★★1/2 stars), Read Scream Repeat (★★★★★ stars), My Halloween Romance (★★★★ stars), 悪魔の十三夜 #1 (★★★1/2 stars).
As you can see an AMAZING month with many many books! Some great new manga as well which always makes me happy!
Update 28-10 Read: Frozen in Time (★★★★★ stars), Mieruko-Chan #6/#7/#8 (★★★★1/2 stars), Mieruko-chan #9 (★★★1/2 stars), The Girl in White (★★★★1/2 stars), Kaya-chan wa Kowakunai #2/#3/#4 (★★★★1/2 stars), Blackbird #1 (★★★★ stars).
Update 25-10 Read: Scary Campus College University #1 (★★★ stars), Scary Campus College University #2/#3/#4/#5/#6 (★★★★1/2 stars), Trident Edge (★★★★1/2 stars), Beach Resort (★★★ stars)
Update 20-10 Updated my Physical Reads photo! || Read: Sayonara, Peter Pan #1/#2/#3 (★★★★ stars), The Tale of the Gravemother (★★★★★ stars), After School #1 (★★★1/2 stars), After School #2 (★★★★ stars), After School #3 (★★★★ stars), After School #4 (★★★★ stars), Shiver Point (★★★★★ stars), Children #1 and #2 (★★★ stars), BatCat #1 (★★★1/2 stars), Happy End #1 (★★★★★+ stars), Happy End #2 (★★★★★ stars).
Update 16-10 Updated my TBR photograph. Not sure about the two Dutch books at the bottom, I am just not feeling them at the moment, but who knows, still 14 days left of the month! Now on to what I read since the 12th: Halloween Treats to Make and Bake (★★1/2 stars), The Mist-Walker, Vol.1 (★★2 stars), Zombie 100 #10 (★★★★★ stars), Pochi + Kuro #3 (★★★★1/2 stars), Shadows House #1 (★★★★★ stars), Yami wa Tsudou #1 (★★★★ stars), Tales to Keep You Up At Night (★★★★★ stars).
Update 12-10 Read: A Strange Belief: Weird Stories (★★★★ stars), Fear the Funhouse: Toybox of Terror (★★★★★ stars), Archie Horror presents: Camp Pickens (★★★1/2 stars), Archie Horror Presents: Betty; The Final Girl #1 (★★ stars), Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe of Horrors #1 (★★ stars), The Scariest Story You’ve Ever Heard (★★★★★ stars), I Found Puppets Living in my Apartment Walls (★★★★★+ stars), Dark Gathering #2 (★★★★ stars), Mists and Megaliths (★★★ stars), Kill More #1 (★★★ stars), Chilling Adventures Presents: Welcome to Riverdale (★★★★ stars), Chilling Adventures Presents: Strange Science (★★★1/2 stars).
Update 10-10 Read: We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt (★★★★★ stars), The Picture Frame (★★ stars), Zom 100 #9 (★★★★★ stars), Colorado Train (★★★ stars), Ajin (★★★★ stars), Monster op het spoor? (★★★1/2 stars). DNF-ed Vampyria.
Update 7-10 Read: Spekkie en Sproet: Code Rood (★★★★ stars), Witches: GN (re-read) (★★★★★ stars). Plus, updated my TBR photo, as you can see.. Not much luck, haha.
Update: 6-10 Read: Can You Just Die, My Darling?, Vol.1 (★★ stars), Het floppy monster (★★★★ stars)
Update: 4-10 Read: Hungry Eyes, Devoured Heart: A Ghost Party Favour (★★★ stars) (Glitch, Vol.1 (★★★★ stars), Hannah-Beast (★★★★ stars), Mees en Sterre krijgen de kriebels (★★★ stars).

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Mermaids Never Drown: Tales to Dive For, Mermaid Tale, Anthology, Young Adult, LGBT, FantasyHometown Haunts: #LoveOzYA Horror Tales, Poppy Nwosu, Wai Chim, Sarah Epstein, ALison Evans, Lisa Fuller, Margot McGovern, Michelle O'Connell, Emma Osborne, Emma Preston, Marianna Shek, Holden SHeppard, Jared Thomas, Vikki Wakefield, Felix Wilkins, Skull, Flowers, Snake, Horror, Short Stories, Anthology, Young Adult, HorrorThey Come From the Water Wendy Dalrymple, Horror, House, Lake, Death, Sisters, Secrets, Scary, Red, Blue, Purple, FloridaGlitch, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) Shima Shinya, Mystery, MangaThe Haunting of Sunshine House Dominika BestThe Wild Dark Katherine Silva, Horror, Silhouette with a purple/pink backgroundI Found Puppets Living In My Apartment Walls Ben Farthing, Puppet in the wall, horror, scaryThe Haunted Bookstore - Gateway to a Parallel Universe (Light Novel) Vol. 1 Shinobumaru , Munashichi, Fantasy, Light Novel, Bookstore, Youkai, Ghost Stories, Ghosts,Can You Just Die, My Darling?, Vol. 1 Majuro Kaname , Sousou Sakakibara , Horror, Mystery, Manga, Two people in a classroom one holding a knifeAjin: Demi-Human, Vol. 1 Gamon Sakurai, Blue cover with a monster on it, horror, mangaDark Gathering, Vol. 2 Kenichi Kondō, Girl staring evilly at you holding a flower, horror, ghosts, paranormal, mangaA Strange Belief by NS Ford, Electricity wires, short stories, horror, sci-fiThe Picture Frame Iain Rob Wright, Picture frame on a dresser, horror, paranormal, scaryMists and Megaliths by Catherine McCarthy, Horror, Megalith, WalesHannah-Beast by Jennifer McMahon, Burning matches forming a house, horror, bullying, novella, Dark Corners

8 thoughts on “Spooktober is here, Halloween is coming – Book TBR 2023

  1. Look at all these fabulous books! I’ve heard so many good things about Hell Followed with Us. It sounds incredible. Glitch looks like something I’d be interested in. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Hope you enjoy all the books you pick up this October! Happy haunting!

    1. I am currently reading Hell Followed with Us and so far I am very enthusiastic about it. It is a bit confusing at points, but for most it is good. Glitch was not that scary, but very mysterious and had a spooky vibe. You’re welcome! Thank you!! Happy Haunting to you as well!

  2. There’s so many I love it! I have read one of these, Four Found Dead, which is really solid on the tension, I just wasn’t too enthused by the plot and ending overall.

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