Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 8-10-2023

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 8-10-2023

Greetings all!

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A happy and spooky welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates!

PHEW, what a week! Tons of things to promo for blog posts + Cover Reveals on Twitter + I did a ton of other things as well outside of that. I visited Library #5, #4, and #1. I got my flu shot (and my heart now has a big big heart shaped spot on it along with some fun flu symptoms going through my body. And I did a ton more. All I want on this Sunday is sleep, read, sleep, and get my Switch back to life so I can play Detective Pikachu Returns! I am guessing that next week I will be taking it easier, haha. Sorry body!
Reading-wise: An OK week, had some good reads, but also a ton of DNF. 😪 I am having fun with reading spooky/magical/mysterious reads.

What did I read from my TBR? Do Bears Poop in the Woods? (A delightful book about bears and also a dash of poop), Het floppymonster (so much fun, the monster was fab), Wat is thuis (a beautiful book about home, not just various homes, but what makes a home), Missie onmogelijk (a bit predictable but still lots of fun), Het touw en de waarheid (beautiful, philosophical, and I was rooting for the characters), Het verhaal van een kat (loved the story and gorgeous art), Mees en Sterre krijgen de kriebels (this was fun).

I tried and dropped (and at least tried a chapter or so)? Joep Schreuder (eh, not really my thing in the end), Dolers (the writing style never really grabbed me/the MC was just eh), Hell Followed With Us (something was just missing and it didn’t click).

Here is a new stack with some new books for my Halloween and my normal TBR. I cannot wait to get started~ As you can see I am currently reading Vampyria and I am enjoying it!

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And we have reached the end of this week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates! Thank you all for reading and let me know in the comments what you think about my stack, what should I read first? What are your plans this upcoming week? I hope everyone has a great week with tons of spookiness and books!

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