Blog Tour ~ All the Small Wonderful Things by Kate Foster ~ Guest Post | Giveaway

Blog Tour ~ All the Small Wonderful Things by Kate Foster ~ Guest Post | Giveaway

Afternoon all!

All the Small Wonderful Things by Kate Foster, Boy on a hill with a dog, autism, children's books

A happy welcome to the Blog Tour for All The Small Wonderful Things by Kate Foster! Whoo! This post is sponsored by Kate Foster and I am proud that I can be part of the team to promote this book to you all! It sounds so good, autism x dogs + look at that gorgeous cover~

For today’s post I got a guest post by the author, a giveaway (be sure to join because the price is amazing, namely a copy of the book + a 100 dollar donation in your name to a rescue dog charity of your choice), and of course book/author information!

All the Small Wonderful Things by Kate Foster, Boy on a hill with a dog, autism, children's booksAges 8+ | 240 Pages

Publisher: Candlewick | ISBN-13: 9781536225808

Publisher’s Book Summary: In an endearing story about an autistic boy and his steadfast furry pal, Alex is convinced that winning a trophy at the dog show will help him make a real friend at last.

Eleven-year-old Alex knows that starting middle school will be a big change, and for an autistic person, change can be terrifying. He is sure that having a friend by his side will help. But how can he make one? Alex devises a plan to impress the kids at school by winning a trophy at the PAWS Dog Show with his trusty sidekick, Kevin the Cockapoo. This should be a walk in the park, right? If only. It turns out that finding a friend is harder than Alex thought—unless, maybe, friendship is about something more than popularity.

This charming story, told through Alex’s clear and honest voice, navigates relationships of all stripes between classmates, new neighbors, family, and, of course, a kid and his dog. After all, friendship isn’t one-size-fits-all—maybe it’s found in the small things where you least expect it.

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About the author:

Kate FosterKate Foster is a children’s author writing about friends, family, and dogs. Originally from a small town in the southeast of England, she now lives on the stunning Gold Coast in Australia with her family and second-hand dogs. She is passionate about encouraging and teaching a wider understanding of autism and mental illness via a positive approach and representation in both her books as well as her presentations and talks.

Find her here:   

Guest Post

Guest post about dogs + autism! Thanks to the author for your fab guest post~

One doesn’t have to dig deep or research for long to find a plethora of studies, evidence, and accounts detailing the special bond shared between dogs and humans. Throughout history the incredible, heroic actions of dogs prove precisely how far they would go to protect and support us. They’ve literally saved thousands of lives.
And if you tweak your search to that of dogs and autistic people, you’ll also find a lengthy list of articles and research confirming the, quite often, profound difference a pet dog can make to an autistic person’s wellbeing, safety, and life. I could cite a bunch of written pieces discussing the benefits of an autism support dog, but I’ve decided instead to focus on my own experiences. What’s better than firsthand lived experience?! I hope you like it.

For Josh, Rosie, Claude, and Ian,
and for all the pups
I’ve met
in passing
a wave
from a distance.

I love you in a way
I couldn’t
and can’t
always express
with words
spoken, thoughts.

It’s a feeling
implicit, a connection
magic and real
at the same time
tangible yet intangible
together and apart.

Whether you know it
or not
you rescue me
heal me
carry me
patch me back up.

navigating friendships
as a kid
and as an adult
is arduous, confusing.

Not with you.

processing emotions
and feelings
mine and others
is baffling, mysterious.

You make it easier.

Belief in myself
to find confidence
takes energy I lack
already spent.

You restore it.

When words
are lost
can’t be found
messy minds
convoluted sentences.

You don’t mind.

Housebound days
ears aching
eyes burning
skin irritated
overstimulated, anxious
needs unmet.

You soften my fall.

Your wide eyes
innocent and pure
never judging.
Your velvet coat
like touching

Your tender kisses
offered paw
a subtle lean
curled up by my side
reassures you
regenerates me.

I mean it
when I say
how my life is lighter
gentler, safer
more meaningful
because of you.


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