Library Haul ~ 2-11-2023 (Library #1)

Library Haul ~ 2-11-2023 (Library #1)

Afternoon all!

A very happy welcome to a new Library #1 haul post! Whoo! Books~

And haha, I got plenty to read with a great haul at Library #4/#5, some new books came in, plus I will be visiting Library #2/#3 on Saturday. This girl can read! And I was planning on taking it easy next week because I did quite a bit this week and I feel my body would like some rest.

I still have 4 books at home from this library, since I went last week and the week before that. Normally I visit the library once every 2 weeks, maybe 3, but I was in the mood for library visiting lately. And I wanted to go this week again. OK, there was a lovely storm named Ciaran. Thankfully, the wind mostly came from the side, so it didn’t feel like I was just riding against a wall, haha. Though I did get blown away a few times. XD I was happy to be at the library. So cosy! So warm! And also books! I had fun walking through the library, they didn’t have a lot of new releases, but I did find 3 books at new releases tables (including a new Emma Lord, eep) and the rest of the books I found while checking the shelves! I am so happy to find another volume of the Animal Crossing manga! Oh a manga note, still hoping that the first volume of Fruits Basket will appear as it is constantly loaned out. I did read the first volumes, but I want to do a re-read and I don’t have the manga myself anymore. Crossing fingers that the next time it will be there!

All in all, this girl won’t be bored next week! I got a ton of books! dances

STATS: 7 books. 1 manga, 2 picture books, 1 YA, 3 children’s books.

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Book List, Emoji, Cute
When You Get the Chance by Emma Lord
Animal Crossing: New Horizons #2 by Kokonasu Rumba
Esmeralda en de Zeestoet by Harriet Muncaster
Het huis ontploft by Nathalie Stragier
De K van kanker by Kiek Manasse, Chris Vosters
De nieuwe fiets by Darcy Day Zoells
De Grote Kleine Walvis by Banji Davies

2 thoughts on “Library Haul ~ 2-11-2023 (Library #1)

  1. What an awesome haul Mehsi! You are so lucky to have five libraries with shelves to raid! Thank you for reminding me to read Emma Lord! I’ve been wanting to for years. Now I will go to my library website and see what they have! Enjoy your new books and have fun visiting the other libraries! Hopefully I will go this weekend too! Happy reading!📚📚☕🌞🍂💜

    1. Thank you Susan! I am indeed, it is fab to have so much choice (though haha, most have the same books). You’re welcome! I really loved her Tweet Cute, so hoping that this has the same WOW in it. Hopefully your library has them in stock, and hopefully you enjoy them! Thanks, and I will! So excited! I hope you have a fun weekend, hopefully also with a visit. Happy reading! 😍🌟📕✨🥰

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