Library Haul ~ 4-11-2023 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 4-11-2023 (Library #2+#3)


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Welcome all to a new Library #2/#3 haul!! It was time to visit both libraries again!

First up it was Library #3 and I found quite a nice stack of books there! Including a book about The Kast, a Dutch band that I absolutely loved when I was a teen, so that one had to come with me. Plus, I had fun walking around the library and checking all shelves and see if there was something new there. You know, there is just something extra special about visiting a library when it is superduper rainy and stormy weather outside!

Next up Library #2, which had 10 reservations waiting for me and I was hoping to find a couple more. Well, haha, I had a good good time! I found 20 more books to bring back home! Including several new releases that I was hoping to get my grabby hands on. It was a lot of fun finding new books and adding them to the pile in the bag. My hubby in the meantime was also in the library, since it was raining outside he decided he would wait for me inside… and he found some comfy chairs. When I came back from checking the shelves he was sleeping, so cute! Haha. I guess those chairs were really comfy.

Also, I would have had 12 books at Library #3, but when I got home, I discovered that the book with the pretty cover and pretty promised illustrations… was not done by a human, but by Midjourney. In other words, it is all AI. And thus stolen. As I flipped through the book I saw many art styles I recognise from artists I follow online or artists I know from other places. Not to mention the whole things were just wrong. Escher-like stuff. Melted eyes or fingers. So, I immediately yeeted that book away from my stack. A shame, if I had known in the library I would have not picked it up. If you are curious, check my Twitter here. Please, if you comment here or there, don’t use the title or the author. I already set my Twitter on Followers only, for the reason that I know how die-hard AI peeps are.

STATS 41 books, 11 at Library #3 and 30 at Library #2! I am so happy with this haul and cannot WAIT to get started. Well, on that note… already read De Langelieve Lotjeslaan and Nieuwe Garde, I couldn’t resist!

NOTE: First picture is Library #3 and the others are Library #2.

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2 thoughts on “Library Haul ~ 4-11-2023 (Library #2+#3)

  1. Oh my!! Mehsi……that is quite the haul! So cute that your husband fell asleep. Sorry about the AI generated book. I wouldn’t read it either. I know you will be very busy this week reading all of these lovely books. I hope you love them all and have an awesome week ahead!📚☕🍫🌞💜

    1. Haha, I know right! So happy with all my new book babies~ It was adorable, especially when he tried to deny it. 😂 Yeah, it is such a shame, it seems that you really got to keep all your eyes open these days. Haha, yeah, I will be busy with them, but a good busy! Thank you and I hope you also have an amazing week! 💕🥰😍💕🥰😍

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