Review for Dog Grooming for Beginners

Review for Dog Grooming for Beginners

Dog Grooming for Beginners by Jorge Bendersky, Dogs, Grooming, Non-FictionI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

First up a big thank you for allowing me to read this book! In March I got a puppy (my first dog) and I have been learning more and more on how to groom, how to do things, so when I saw this book I was curious and wanted to give it a shot, I was hoping to learn some more new things!

It had a lot of good points that I really love to try out with my puppy, but the whole trimming chapter was not for my pup given that she is a Cavalier and I already heard you need specific ways to trim her. And we do want to do that because if she is anything like her mum she will look a shag carpet if you don’t keep it up, and as she is really playful and loves running around and playing, but not the part that follows after (aka brushing/cleaning/drying when it was wet out), I really want to keep it medium/short-ish.

But other than that disappointing 5th chapter, I did find a lot of things I want to try. Like I didn’t know that you could use a nailbrush/veggie brush (if soft) for paws and the likes, so I will have to go and see if I can find anything because her paws get sandy/muddy as they are working on the roads and such here. Plus, her eyes really tear so something small to clean that would be ace. Oh, and I loved the part on how to shave the paws + the part on how to dry the dog I am happy that my burrito style wrapping was the right one, haha, and I will have to search for a way to get the blowdryer in a holder, because DANG that would be handy as Coco is still not entirely in love with the dryer (makes too much noise) and it is becoming winter so just drying it by towel is not enough with her hair.

I really loved the 6th chapter which highlighted solutions to common problems + First aid! Like I didn’t know that letting mud dry and then use corn starch and a slicker brush and poof it is clean! Also Chapter 7 with some house-hold solutions to things, like peppermint essential oil would work for carsickness, my pup so far only has gotten sick once, and we are not sure if it was the car or because we had a big day. But if it happens again I can try this!

I also love the big amount of photographs on almost every page. Especially with the grooming/pet care parts it was just a delight how many we got detailing the various steps. I am a very visual girl, if the book was just words I would have DNF it, but now I kept on reading it as I could easily see what needed to be done without having to read the text multiple times.

All in all, I am very happy with this book and I will definitely keep several of the tips in my mind. I would recommend it!

Star rating, 4 stars

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