Review for How to Treat a Lady Knight Right, Vol.1

Review for How to Treat a Lady Knight Right, Vol.1

How to Treat a Lady Knight Right Vol. 1 by Kengo Matsumoto, Female knight on the cover blushing, manga, action, magic, fantasy, romanceI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Haha, I had no clue what to expect based on the cover or the title. I mean, this could go so many ways! But it was really wholesome in the end!

In this one we meet Lady Knight Leo, a dapper girl who kicks some serious butt, has some serious sick abs and muscles, and well, doesn’t really know about love or romance. Until the moment a sorcerer pops up and professes his love to her. And from that moment a lot of cute (and some kick-ass) moments begin! And I was fully invested in the story! I just loved how Houli, or Foolie as our Leo calls him, never gave. Was there for Leo when she needed a hand (or a healing moment), helped her when she was sick, knew when her birthday was, and other moments. He really was such a sweetie and I found myself rooting for him to be able to show Leo that really they can be together! She is worried she isn’t feminine enough, but she had her moments, plus, he is a real die-hard for muscles. He LOVES (yes, with capitals) her abs. Loves her rock-hard arm muscles.

I really loved the contrast between them. Leo is a strong, determined, will kill you with her work-out regime girl and Leo is clumsy, a bit of a doofus. At least for most, he has his more swoony/strong moments.

And I definitely loved seeing Leo go from head-strong girl to still head-strong girl but slowly lowering those walls around Foolie, um Houlie. We see her fall asleep on him. Make some adorable faces. See her be flustered when she cuts her bangs a bit too short (though it was cute as both Houli and I agree). And there are more. With each new chapter we see her get a bit more girly. See her discover another side to her buff/strong/no nonsense self. And also discover that cake? Well, that is just yummy. Yes, this girl never had cake. Let that soak in. Never. Had. Cake. Someone bring this girl some sweets!

I had such a laugh when the sister appeared and how Leo found out about jealousy.

I love that there is a blend of action, magic, cute moments, and silly/humour moments. There is never a boring moment and I had so much fun reading this manga. I definitely cannot wait for more volumes and I am shipping these two so much!

The art was quite fun. I did think it was a bit weird that her armour didn’t cover her abs/vulnerable area. But then again, welcome to female armour. XD I loved that the mangaka was able to show us her cute side, but also showed us her strong side.

All in all, I need more of this manga! This was just way too much fun! And given the ending? I need to know what is next!!!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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