Review for Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to Ruling the World

Review for Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to Ruling the World

Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Ruling the World Louie Stowell, Green, Gods, Humour, Diary, Loki, Thor, Children's BooksThe third book and this time a new character, a school play, a cursed ring, and a lot more! Loki has his hands full again~

The next book in the series, this time a very cool green colour! I am now curious what the next colour will be, yellow? Orange? Pink? Oh, that last one would make me laugh.

This time Loki is back to his antics, but we do see some small changes here and there. He is still the prankster, still very much convinced about how great he is, but I can see that he is trying. That he is changing a bit. It is a small bit, but every small bit counts if you are the prankster god. I really like Loki, OK, sometimes he is a bit much but I can forgive him. It isn’t easy to go from a god to a small boy with little powers left.

Plus, I do think that A LOT of things could have been avoided in regards to Loki acting up if people had just been a bit kinder, more understanding, talking to him. Maybe not putting Thor in the spotlights constantly but also highlight Loki’s achievements a bit more. That is at least what I think after reading this book. At times all Loki wanted was to hear that he did good, get some praise, or hear something different from the standard stuff people said about him. And I could understand that fully. Again, he is trying. He deserves more praise.

The addition of a cursed ring next to a whole musical and all the other stuff happening? YES! That was just the perfect. OK, I did feel for Loki, but I think the ring was just what we needed in this book. A villain. Something bad. Something to conquer and something to rise above.

I loved seeing the diary + their comments. I already love love books that are written in diary mode, but adding a voice to it that comments on things, adds points, and all that? Love it. I think I said it before in the earlier books reviews, but I just need to mention it again. Haha.

A new god appears, Balder, and while he seems all glittery and awesome, we see that even Thor is feeling a bit under the weather with his presence. Which made me happy, because for most we see Loki, typical Loki, not being happy with the guy, but seeing someone else, someone much closer to the god feeling unhappy? That changes things and gives it just a bit of a different perspective. It is not just Loki being grumbly, there are others as well! Then again, even through Loki’s eyes I just wasn’t a fan of the god. He was just too shiny and perfect. Too much good.

The ending made me very happy in many ways.

I still love the illustrations in this series, they are just oodles of fun and make the book even more fun!

All in all, I need the next Loki book! I would HIGHLY recommend this series to all!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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