Review for Neopets: The Official Cookbook: 40+ Recipes from the Game!

Review for Neopets: The Official Cookbook: 40+ Recipes from the Game!

Neopets: The Official Cookbook: 40+ Recipes from the Game! Amazing15 , Rebecca Woods , Erinn Pascal, Cook Book, Fun, Neopets, NeopiaA wonderful and nostalgic read with all sorts of recipes I need to try!

I was so hyped when I saw this book pop up, I need this! I used to play A LOT of Neopets, wrote fanfiction for my pets, had tons of friends on Neopets, had a gross food store + won awards for it, played so many games, and more. But sadly my account was hacked and the Neopets crew didn’t give a damn about it. I did make a new account, but it was just not the same. Still despite that sour note I loved my time on Neopets and so this book had to come with me, thankfully Amazon had it in stock and I could get it. Now this girl just needs to make room in the cupboards so that the book can join the other cook books.

And BOY OH BOY this book was just 100% a feast! We get 45 (!!) fun recipes from the world of Neopia! From Pyramibread to Baked Faerie Corn to Negg Lasagna! There is something for everyone and we travel all through Neopia to find all the best and fun recipes. Some are hard (like the Yurble Pot Pie or Half Rainbow Jelly) but others are simple (like the Ghost Marshmallows or Pirate Ship Deviled Eggs). I loved that they also went with some simpler recipes. Some cookbooks just go for the most intriguing ones, but this one just adds everything! It was really a lot of fun to see what recipes we got and I loved that we went all over Neopia. From the fairies to mutants to Meridell. I am definitely going to try out several of the recipes. I am not sure if I will be able to find that many kinds of jello to make the Half Rainbow Jelly, but I will see if I can do something else otherwise. And also high on my list is Neopia Brownies and Chocolate Omelette.

I love that there tips to make things vegan or gluten free. I am sure that will be helpful to those that need it.

To make this book even more fun are the quotes with each recipe, the illustrations, and the “Something Has Happened!” fields in which a Pet pops by with some fun facts about Neopia or tips to make the recipe even better. There are also Did You Know? parts. It just made the book even more nostalgic and while I haven’t played in years (and sadly lost access to the account I made after I got hacked (probably an old email that I don’t know anymore/lost) but I got my hacked account back magically) I am kind of into playing again.

All in all, I would HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone! This was just way too much fun and I am so happy that this book was created. Hopefully more Neopets books are made, I heard that Neopets is having a revival so it would be fun to see more things surrounding it!

Star rating, 5 stars

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