Review for Read, Scream, Repeat

Review for Read, Scream, Repeat

Read Scream Repeat by Jennifer Killick, Children's Books, House in the middle of the cover with a character holding a flashlight above it,An exciting anthology filled to the brim with spooky stories! I need more!

I shared this one on Goodreads on November 1st and thought I would also post it on my blog. Well, when I had time. Which is today. Haha. My blog is a bit full.

This was a fantastic anthology, just didn’t like one of the stories (as it felt like an excerpt from a bigger story and also had a very open ending). But the rest was spooky and I flew through the book. I loved the variety of monsters/scary things. From zombies to ghosts to glass houses and trees lurking. I would highly recommend it.

Here is my rating + a small review for each of the stories.

Wolf Moon: Star rating, 4 stars Interesting story with plenty of oh no, though I am still a bit confused on what happened and if it was all true or not.
Charlie’s Twelfth: Star rating, 4.5 stars OH SNAP. I had a suspicion, but DANG! That was heartbreaking and scary!
Game Over: Star rating, 4.5 stars OH HECK YES. When gaming gets real! I would love more of this one!
The Light Bulb: DNF. This one felt like a bigger story just cut to bits to fit with the anthology. A shame.
Talos Springs: Star rating, 4.5 stars Nothing is as it seems. Be careful what you say.
The Pond: Star rating, 5 stars Dolls. Consequences. Teehee.
Underlay Underlings: Star rating, 5 stars I need more! Carpets that will eat you and take your soul (oh and anything else you put on it, but it seems their favourite is souls)! Spookiness! Plus, I want to see that channel the boys are setting up!
Deep Water: Star rating, 5 stars Hey, she did warn them. Om nom nom.
The Green Ghost: Star rating, 4 stars Not super scary, more sad. Still awesome.
The Glass House: Star rating, 5 stars Haha, I would have left SO FAST. NOPE.
The Attic Room: Star rating, 4.5 stars Oh no. Oh no.
Hide and Seek: Star rating, 5 stars I want more, it was definitely scary, how do you escape this? But it felt a bit like there was more to be told! So please, write a whole story!
A Cry from the Graveyard:Star rating, 4 stars More sad than scary. Still a good story and I enjoyed it!

All in all, as you can see I am very happy with this anthology. Sometimes with anthologies it can be hit/miss, but this one was almost all a hit! Then again, with such a great group of writers (many I already love their works) it was bound to go good. As I said in the beginning, I wouldn’t mind Jennifer Killick and other writers to make another epic anthology. Maybe for the next Halloween season? Awww? Please?

Star rating, 5 stars

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