Review for Rescuing Titanic

Review for Rescuing Titanic

Rescuing Titanic A true story of quiet bravery in the North Atlantic by Flora Delargy, Carpathia rushing towards the titanic between ice floats and ice bergsA fantastic book about the little ship Carpathia and what they did for the Titanic and it’s passenger when things went bad.

Everyone knows about the Titanic, or at least I hope they do, but how many of those people know about the Carpathia. I have to say, that I did know the ship that did a lot of things when the Titanic sank but I didn’t know the full story so when I saw this book at the library I just had to pick it up and bring it home with me. I always love learning new things.

In this absolutely stunning book full of illustrations we learn about the Carpathia, but also get to see the Titanic. It isn’t just the story of how the Carpathia saved all those people, it is also about the Titanic and what happened there. We get to see on both of the ships and see how things go from a good trip to a dangerous and life threatening trip. And yes, that also goes for the Carpathia. Because as she goes near to the Titanic to help out, to save people, they have to dodge a ton of icebergs and ice lumps themselves in the dark. It is a miracle that they made it safely without any accidents themselves. We read about the people on the ships, especially on the Carpathia. Like Harold, the guy who does all the morse code messages and is the one to get the big message from Titanic. We see the ships and how they are designed. We read about their journeys.

And we see what the crew and the passengers of the Carpathia did when they learned of the Titanic hitting an ice berg. How they went as fast as they could, how they warned everyone around them, how they went above and beyond to find the Titanic and it’s occupants. It was harrowing and I was rooting for them. Yes, I know that this already happened, but really, while reading you just want to root for these people. And cheer for all they do. It was stunning.

The illustrations in the book were absolutely gorgeous and I loved every detail on them!

All in all, you know all about the Titanic but want to know more? Want to know about the ship that came to the rescue? Be sure to check out this wonderful book!

Star rating, 4 stars

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