Review for Stars in Their Eyes: A Graphic Novel

Review for Stars in Their Eyes: A Graphic Novel

Stars in Their Eyes A Graphic Novel by Jessica Walton Aska, Graphic Novel, Two people kissing, adorable, cute, ProstheticsThis was mega-adorable and sweet and oh so much fun!

A very sweet and wonderful YA graphic novel with wonderful characters + story!!

😍I loved Maisie! Instant like! She was sweet and fun and I loved how dedicated she was to going to the con and how much she loved her fandoms! Throughout the story I liked her more and more.
😍The fact that Maisie has a prosthetic and that we also see how that affects her. That she is happy to get the leg off after a long day. That she has everything ready if someone asks. And I liked seeing more people with prosthetics or in wheelchair. You don’t always see this in graphic novels or stories so a big A-plus for giving so much representation.
😍Ollie was just the biggest cinnamon roll. And that comes from a girl who generally doesn’t really speak in tropes for characters, haha. But they were just so sweet and I loved seeing them and Maisie connect and find something that brings them together. I loved seeing them have conversations with Maisie.
😍The parents! Both Ollie’s dad and Maisie’s mom were just hilarious and wonderful and sweet. They made me laugh with their conversations and their bets as they could clearly see that their kids were falling in love with each other. I loved how they could chat about all sorts of fandoms.
😍The cover! It is just so cute and I love the sparkles behind it.
😍And now to the most important part of course, the romance! Oh man, it was instant love. But not in a bad way. This was well-done instant love! I just loved seeing the two character meet up and then by coincidence meet up again and thus starting the events. I loved that they fitted so well together. Were just happy to read and chat. And then of course the kiss. It was so cute and sweet and I was cheering for both of them. I loved that it didn’t stay with one kiss, but that both of them wanted more of it.
😍The con and again me wishing I could step inside books to just be part of it! The con looked so fun and I wanted to get some goodies and see some fun panels as well!
😍The art! It was just so fab! I love the style, love the colours used.
😍The ending and what mum managed to do! It made me laugh and cheer. Go mom!

All in all, READ THIS! Go on!

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