Review for Strong Girls Travel: AJ’s Adventures at Indiana Dunes

Review for Strong Girls Travel: AJ’s Adventures at Indiana Dunes

Strong Girls Travel AJ's Adventures at Indiana Dunes by Amy Friedl, Drew ClarkI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

I just had to say yes when the author mailed me if I wanted to read this book, it sounded like so much fun! Plus, I love to travel… though most my travels are through books, haha, real travel is just too expensive. So, I was looking forward to see Indiana Dunes. Which I looked up to see where it was (I was guessing in Indiana, but that was the end of the guessing). I checked some bits and then I was ready to read!

Before I really start, I love that the author added a note stating why we will never see AJ in the illustrations. Because despite it being from her POV the authors want US to see the park for ourselves. I love that idea! It reminds me of some video games I played~

Oh, and before I really get to the book, I love maps! So bonus points for that. I was so curious about the lake, about the riverwalk. Eep! Excited!

In this book we follow AJ as she is visiting her family in Indiana. Specifically, her family that lives near the Indiana Dunes! I loved how the girls were enthusiastic to meet each other. But then Charly had plans, and well, I can tell you, I could kinda understand where AJ comes from. She just had quite a trip, I could imagine the first thing on her itinerary wasn’t waking up at the crack of dawn and then go hike, haha. I mean, I am bit on the fence myself. On the one hand you can wake me for a cool walk in a nature park, but on the other hand, brrr, bed. Leave me. So I could understand her. And despite her plan, I was proud that she was at least going to try it. Was going to drag herself out of bed and give it a shot. She could have just turned around, but she did it. And I can tell you, it was worth it! I absolutely LOVED seeing the park through AJs eyes and see the beauty of it. Such pretty illustrations! Man, I just wanted to step in the book myself and check out the place! It looks absolutely stunning and I would love to spend my breakfast there, watching the sunrise and the animals. And then hiking! Though I hope that the next day Charly allows AJ some rest, haha, she is going to need it after this day!

The park looks absolutely stunning, I love the diversity of the place. Not just a lake + beach, but also a mountain/hill, forests, and more. You never know what you will be seeing next. It is moments like these that I wish I lived in the US and could visit these places for real!

I am really happy that the author added some snapshots of the place so we can see that, just like the illustrations, the place is gorgeous. And I like the checklist! This is perfect. OK, not for me, but if you are near there or planning on visit, it is a great addition. I just love a good checklist!

All in all, as you can see, I am pretty hyped. This was a fun book and I hope that the author writes more books about parks because I need more! I want to go on more hikes with the characters!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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