Review for The Attack of the Robot Librarians

Review for The Attack of the Robot Librarians

The Attack of the Robot Librarians Sam Copeland , Jenny Pearson , Robin Boyden, Green, Robots, Librarians, Evil Geniuses, Kids, Lasers, Humour, Children's BooksIn this one new and old evils appear and things go BOOM! There is tons of excitement and I had oodles of fun!

I was so happy that there was a second book coming! I really had fun reading the first book and see the whacky adventures that our duo go through. But in this one things get even crazier!

Something new is coming to school which awakens the curse in Lenny again, which I am sure makes you wonder, curse? Well, the school is all about renewal energy (wonder if they chatted with my government who is trying to get people not to do that much because the electricity net cannot handle it XD) and that means that the kids have to bicycle throughout ALL of their lessons. Cue in Lenny’s curse and what happens when he tries to ride a bike (yes, he cannot ride a bike, thanks to no one helping him). I had such a laugh though I also felt for Lenny. He is already struggling (I mean, how does he even get to a higher grade, magics?) and then he has to bicycle as well… well, on a tricycle. I was intrigued though with how the system worked and it was fascinating to see how die-hard some peeps went with the whole exercising stuff to get points.

Next to that Lenny learns that transmogrification is something wholly different from teleportation which leads to lots of hilarious scenes as he gets transmogrified with someone close to him. I won’t spoil anything, but oh boy I laughed. Especially since this scenario was present for the rest of the book. Yep. Be prepared for lots of silliness, a dash of love, eating things you shouldn’t eat, and some awkward moments as one of the two tries to figure out how things work.

The mystery was a lot of fun though and I love the evil doer along with a whole group of evil doers present! It was just so fab and I would have also loved to play a bit in the laboratory, some of those inventions are a hard pass (I mean, becoming an amoebe? No thank you) but a lot of them sounded fun!

But as I said before, I do hope that Agatha will see that the way she is treating people is just crap. I mean to compare. Lenny thinks he is fab and he does think Agatha as an assistant. With her it goes much deeper. She seems to see him as nothing more than staff, a helper. She even comments about it in that way. And when hearing about underlings she constantly calls that Lenny, which I am sorry, but wtf is wrong with you? I just wanted to smack her so badly throughout this and the first book.

I loved the two art styles but I wished that they had at least communicated a bit more. Ernie looked WHOLLY different per art style. Which confused me greatly. For instance at one point the evil woman has switched bodies with a monkey, and she has walked away as the monkey plotting to do more evil, however a few pages later a monkey who they are calling by the name of the evil woman is hanging on a ceiling light… but then a few pages later we get the human form again.

But all in all, this was a wonderful and hilarious volume and I laughed oh so much! I cannot wait for the next one in the series and I am already trying to guess the colour, haha.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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