Review for The Girl in White

Review for The Girl in White

The Girl in White Lindsay Currie, girl on the street with dark shadows and scary mist, horror, middle grade, children's booksSweet Molly is here! Sweet Molly wants her revenge! What will you do when she comes for you?

Finally! Finally I could read this one! I tried buying the paperback last year when it was released, but then when the date came the paperback just disappeared and I got my money back. I wanted to wait for the paperback as I got the other books by the writer in paperback, but then this year the hardcover just beckoned with a sweet price and so I decided to just go for it, haha, I couldn’t wait any longer!

😍 Absolutely LOVE LOVE the cover! It is so cool, especially when you see that face almost eating the title.
😍 The mystery and finding out what the real legend is of Sweet Molly! There were so many twists and turns and I love that the kids really did their best to find out what was going on and if they could help Sweet Molly. I was quite sad when we learn what truly happened so many years ago, and also angry at the town then. That they dared to do that. I would also become a pissed off ghosts and threaten to ruin everyone.
😍 Joshua and Mallory! At first they weren’t really friends, and especially Mallory was a bit on the fence about Joshua. But as the story continued we could see them get closer. Bond over the scary experiences, but also more. It was so sweet.
😍 That this town was constantly in spooky mode and had so many spooky tales to tell! Not all of them are true as we find out, but there was plenty of spookiness to go by.
😍 And so I could definitely understand that Mallory was a bit done with it. Yes, at times she got a bit on my nerves, but I could also understand her. She had to leave all her friends and all that she cared for and was stuck in permanent Halloween/spookiness. I love Halloween/spooky times, but I think I also would have liked something different after a while, haha.
😍 The spooky things that happened to Mallory (and also at times Joshua). From sleepwalking to finding water in your closet to lights flickering and more! Sweet Molly sure has a lot of ammo in her arsenal.
😍 The restaurant that Mallory’s parents run. It sounds like such a fun place and I would love to have visited and eating something. I also loved how creative they were with their menu options and how they tried to make food spooky! Like an egg in the shape of a skull with egg yolks as eyes!
😍 The ending! It was both scary as well as happy. I won’t spoil it all, but I was mighty proud of the kids!
😍 Emmie and Bri were both great friends. Well, in the beginning it was mostly Emmie, later Bri got added. I could understand that Mallory was hesitant about letting Bri know. But I am glad that in the end she confided in her.

All in all, another fantastic spooky read by Lindsay Currie and I cannot wait to read her next spooky book, It Found Us! I would recommend this one to all!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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