Review for The Mist-Walker Vol.1: The Breath of Things

Review for The Mist-Walker Vol.1: The Breath of Things

The Mist-Walker - Volume 1 - The Breath of Things Stéphane Fert, Ogre standing near a mountain and mist forming, fantasy, post-apocalypse, witches, magic, mysteryI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

This one looked like the perfect Halloween read… and while I did have a good time, I just cannot rate it that highly. I mean the art is absolutely stunning, I just love the tones, how sometimes the story is just told by the art, the character designs. I definitely want to see what else the artist has made. Oh, I loved the sketches/ideas at the end! Really interesting to see all the ideas for the characters. I love the idea that a coven accepts a tiny baby ogre and accepts her in their family and takes care of her. I liked the idea of them searching to find a way to defeat the mist. I loved the witches, they were so sweet and kind and I loved how they cared for Temperance. I loved that party when Temperance was of age. The mist is a mysterious and spooky things and gave me chills. The cover is stunning! Temperance was at times a very great character and I loved how strong she was and how protective she was of her family.

Not so good though, there are so many ideas thrown into this one, including that an apocalypse has happened that it just became chaotic. The apocalypse would have worked if there had been earlier things showing that, now it was like WAIT? This is not a fantasy world? This is modern world destroyed? Whut? And then there is a lot of blablabla on how magic works, about essence, and more and I was just tuning out. There is also a girl who wanted to get the help of one of the witches and now she is coming along? Because she apparently likes Temperance? And oh yes, suddenly one of the hunters was that person to one of the witches? And Temperance really lives up to her name and I found her quite annoying at times, I mean girl, just plan for once. I get it you are strong you can see in the mist, but there is a ton of bad things there and you don’t want to just jump straight into it. There are suddenly guns and such? Um? And how did the mist even come to be? And who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?

So yeah, I wanted to like this one, so much, but it just didn’t work for me. Too many ideas, too much crammed in, too messy. But gorgeous art!

Star rating, 2 stars

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