Review for Ura Baito: Toubou Kinshi Vol.1 to Vol.6

Review for Ura Baito: Toubou Kinshi Vol.1 to Vol.6

Ura Baito Toubou Kinshi Vol 1 by 田口翔太郎Think having a shady job is bad? Think again after reading this series about two girls doing all sorts of grey/shady jobs!

In October I was looking for a new spooky manga series to read and enjoy and I came across this one! Because, HECK, this one is terrifying. It sounds pretty nice, I mean, shady jobs and some risk. But um, there are monsters here. Killers. Ghosts that will do anything to kill you. Dolls that want to possess you. And more.

In this series our two main leads are Yume and Nagomi. Two best friends (well, at first they have forgotten who the other was, but later we find out that they went to school together) who are now doing this one together to get some quick cash. Both of them have their reasons why they want to get some quick cash instead of just finding a good job. Nagomi wants to travel the world, and of course one needs money for that. Yume on the other hand needs to pay off the debt her parents left her (and her brother/sister) when they suddenly up and left. It helps that Yume has a skill. Something that will save them quite a few times as the story continues. She can smell if something is good or bad. She will often go It Stinks if something is bad. And if it is really bad? Well, she will high speed through those lines. That is also the reason why, despite the risk, they keep on going. Normal people would have died many times over, but thanks to Yume they come out of things with just scrapes, scares, and more worries. But hey, at least they are alive.

There is a whole slew of jobs to be discovered in this manga. We see them do a clinical trial (which was a confusing arc, but still a good one), be security guards (at night, so teehee), help out at the aquarium (and that one was weird as fuck), there is also the time they were detective assistants (and I never want to look someone in the face again), they even help with bridal stuff (never mess with hell kids), there is that one time they help out at the funeral (and people are weird). And there are a TON of other jobs! Most jobs are around 3 chapters, some a bit longer, and a couple a bit longer. I really love the length of each job as you can really get in the spooky stuff. It all seems pretty OK often in the beginning, and then you see how fucked up/scary/NOPE it gets. Some jobs aren’t as scary as others, some are just downright weird, some are just superdangerous, and there were a couple that also made me sad.

I cannot wait to see how the story continues. Yes, it is pretty much job of the insert time but we also see the girls get closer, meet other workers, we learn more about our MCs backstories and see Yume mention how her debt is going. I would have minded if it was just job x and job y, but having some extra story to it? Love it!

There is just one character that keeps popping up, Daidai. She is annoying. Frustrating. And I just want her out of the story, but she just keeps on going.

But all in all, this is a series I absolutely love and I cannot wait to keep on reading it! I would highly recommend it if you love reading about shady jobs + horror/scary stuff happening.

Star rating, 4 stars

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