Review for Witch Hat Atelier Kitchen, Vol. 1

Review for Witch Hat Atelier Kitchen, Vol. 1

Witch Hat Atelier Kitchen 1 by Hiromi Satou, Kamome Shirahama, Qifrey and Olruggio on the cover holding food, cooking, mangaI received this one from the publisher/Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I still need to read this whole series, I read volume 1 last year and was very much charmed by the manga. However I haven’t had the time to continue on. So imagine my delight when I saw this book pop up on Netgalley! I just love cooking. I love the original series. I needed this one!

In this delightful and yummy manga we have 10 chapters with each of them a recipe! And you will get hungry! Plus, while some basic knowledge of the world/characters is handy, you don’t need to know all of the ins and outs, so even for me a girl who just read one volume, it is fine! And that made me happy! I loved that it wasn’t just Qifrey who was making food, we also see Olruggio making some delicious snacks, and one or two times get to see the girls make something or help along. The cooking was a lot of fun to watch, it definitely was magical next to very yummy. I loved seeing these two guys experiment with foods, make something fab for the girls (or for themselves in the case of when they got drunk on cocktails, haha). The recipes aren’t even that hard for most. OK, some require a bit more technique, but for most it is easy to follow along. I was looking forward to each new recipe + also see them travel at times to get stuff.

Plus, the reactions to the food, mostly the girls who got some yummy breakfast/lunch/dinner was just so adorable and fun. That really makes a cooking manga perfect for me. Seeing the reactions of those for who the food is made.

It was also fun getting to know the characters a bit more, see their relationships, see their likes and dislikes.

And I just love the art! It is such a fun and pretty style~

On that note, I was kinda like, yeah, these recipes are great but we don’t really have honeytree nectar, or blaze beans, or prism lemons (though I would want one). Thankfully, at the end of this volume there are real life substitutes that you can replace the Witch Hat Atelier world foods with. So now you can actually make all these recipes and BOY I am going to be trying some of them out. My stomach is already hungry. Or that may be because it is almost lunch time when I write this, haha.

So all in all, I really enjoyed this one and had oodles of fun with it! I hope that there will be many more volumes of this one with fun stories + recipes. I would recommend it to all!

Star rating, 5 stars

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