Top 10 Books November 2023

Top 10 Books November 2023

Afternoon all~

November 2023 books top

A very happy welcome to a new Top 10 Books. I am sharing my favs from November!

What happened to November? Well, I have honestly no clue. Haha. For real. One moment it was October and now it is December. It was a good month though. No real special events happened this month, which is fine with me. Haha, next month will be Christmas and New Years and all that, so I like a calm month. I did decorate the house again for Christmas, I was thinking of doing it sooner, but it wasn’t until the last week of November that I got to it. I thought I had a bit longer, haha. But the tree is standing, all the baubles and such thoroughly inspected by Christmas Inspector Puppers, other than that she has zero interest in the tree. She was just curious what all these things were I had in my hand, haha. It was adorable. Not much baking happened, I was planning on some grand things, but with how the month went so by I just didn’t get to it. Hopefully next month!
Let’s see. Coco-wise it was an OK month. As I said last month she is in full puberty. LORD. Walking is not fun anymore as she often just does her own thing even though we try every trick in the book to have her listen. She does her own thing whenever she can. She forgets commands. But she is a cutie. Don’t get me wrong, yes, we have some issues, but she is still adorable, sweet, cute, and we are so happy to have her in our midst, especially with Christmas coming up. As I said to my hubby while I was decorating the tree: “This is just perfection. There is a fire in the fire place, we are together, and our dream puppy is here.” Oh, and Coco had her laparoscopy earlier this month and everything went well. The first day she just wanted to sleep, hug, sleep, hug, sleep. The next day she still wasn’t there, but we saw more Coco, and around day 4-5 she was fine again. So we are happy we went with this instead of sterilisation in the old way because if she is so tuckered and gone from this? Then we don’t want to know how long it would be for her to recover from that.

I had one 5+ starred books and nine 5 starred reads! Not as good as last month, but I am still very happy!

Disclaimer: The order of this list is random. The 5+ stars (if I have any) will always be on top, but that is the only non-randomness about the list.

Review to come December 20th
Scarewaves by Trevor Henderson, Scary guy with big grin as face coming to you through the forest, monsters, horror
Barista by Kristof Berte, David Felzarda Real, Cafe with people and one guy dropping coffee everywhere, comics, humour
Review to come next year (closer to the release day)
Teddy vs. the Fuzzy Doom by Braden Hallett, Boy and other kids in a hallway fighting evil hamsters, fantasy, illustrations, children's book, hamsters
Our Super Adventure Cats and snacks! by Sarah Graley
Our Super Japanese Adventure by Sarah Graley
Review to come December
The Spaces Between by James Preller and Kevin Keele, Boy and girl and dog running away from something, mystery, scary
Review to come in December
Bob vs the Trousers of Doom by Andy Jones and Robin Boyden, Fart, Children's Books, Invention, Time Travel, Funny
Bobbie Botjes by Marcel van Driel, Paco Vink
De Italiaanse dochter by Soraya M. Lane
De Cubaanse dochter by Soraya M. Lane

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