Top 10 Books October 2023

Top 10 Books October 2023

Afternoon all!

Welcome to my October Top 10 post! Where did October go, does anyone know?

October just flew by in a flash but it was a good month! With tons of spooky books, a lot of fun spooky books and stuff featured on my blog, decorating my house, eating the first oliebollen of this season (yes, I know this doesn’t fit the Halloween season but haha). Other than that nothing really big happened this month. No special events. Well, we wanted to visit a Japanese garden which only opens twice a year, but sadly the weather was just not in the mood. Haha. So much rain this month!
Coco is very much in the puberty mode btw. She randomly jumps up on the couch, which we taught her early on that that is a no-no unless we say she can. She isn’t listening at times. But she is still a super cutie! Though she isn’t sure about the fall times. I mean, she LOVES the leaves and playing in them.. but that rain? That cold? It can go. Haha.

This month was also a good reading month with MANY MANY MANY spooky books! EEP!

I had two 5+ starred books and twenty three 5 starred reads! WHOO! So it wasn’t easy to pick books, haha.

Disclaimer: The order of this list is random. The 5+ stars (if I have any) will always be on top, but that is the only non-randomness about the list.

I Found Puppets Living In My Apartment Walls Ben Farthing, Puppet in the wall, horror, scary
Happy End by 有田イマリ, Girl staring at you with blood dripping down the cover, horror, manga, gore
Een stormachtige start by Babette Pribbenow, Anike Hage
We're Going on a Ghost Hunt by Martha Mumford, Cherie Zamazing, Night with a moon and four bunnies hopping by in costumes, halloween, picture book, ghosts, cute
Shadows House 1 by Somato, Two Girsl one shadow one normal standing with a mirror between them, fantasy, mystery
Review to come November
Shiver Point It Came From The Woods by Gabriel Dylan, Group of kids pointing to the sky where a meteor passes, monsters, scary, horror, mystery
Review to come in November
The Girl in White Lindsay Currie, girl on the street with dark shadows and scary mist, horror, middle grade, children's books
Frozen in Time by Kelly Swan Taylor
Read Scream Repeat by Jennifer Killick, Children's Books, House in the middle of the cover with a character holding a flashlight above it,
Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros, Dragons, College, Magic, Fantasy, New Adult, Golden cover with dragons

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