Waiting on Wednesday ~ A Fright to Remember by Adrianna Cuevas

Waiting on Wednesday ~ A Fright to Remember by Adrianna Cuevas


A monster-ific welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday!! Today: A Fright to Remember by Adrianna Cuevas!

Which is apparently a new book in the Monster High universe and also inspired by a new series on Nickelodeon. Hopefully one day that series appears on Netflix or Disney or HBO crosses fingers. But on to the book! I really love love the Monster High universe (well, we don’t talk about that live action movie on Netflix) and always excited for new books about my favourite characters + others in the school! And this one sounds just like so much fun with a talent show, friendship, secrets, and more. And I just love the cover, see them have fun on stage, see someone (is that Toralei Stripe?) lurking the back (oh my). I really want to have this book for my collection, it came out last week but Amazon hasn’t gotten it in stock and bol.com also doesn’t seem to have it ready. crosses fingers that it comes out soon.

A Fright to Remember by Mattel, Adrianna Cuevas, Monster High, Frankie and Clawdeen and Draculaura playing in a band on stage, children's books, monster, funAdrianna Cuevas’s A Fright to Remember is the first book in a fangtastic new series inspired by Nickelodeon’s animated show Monster High !

As Monster High prepares for its annual talent show, Frankie Stein is left wondering what they could perform. When Torelei Stripe mocks Frankie’s music playing abilities, Frankie is left even more confused about which of their brain parts is exciting enough for the talent show.

Luckily, Headmistress Bloodgood presents Frankie with new information about their brain that might hold the answer. Except Frankie discovers that their brain part is from a disgraced scientist accused of unethical experiments. Plagued by dreams from the scientist’s life, Frankie teams up with Draculaura and Clawdeen to discover the truth about their past—and save Monster High in the process.

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