Waiting on Wednesday ~ Loveboat Forever by Abigail Hing Wen

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Loveboat Forever by Abigail Hing Wen


WELCOME! Welcome all to a new Waiting on Wednesday! Whoo! Today I am featuring the third book in Loveboat, Taipei, Loveboat Forever! Written by Abigail Hing Wen!

And OMG OMG you all, I am so so hyped about this book. I absolutely loved the earlier two books and I am just DYING to have this book in my hands! For now though it seems only a hardcover is coming out, so I will just have to wait patiently (hopefully I can, haha). I love that this one takes places six years after Loveboat and I just need to know how the gang is doing! What kind of fun things they are planning to do! Plus, I am eager to read about Pearl and see her find herself and maybe more! I see there is a romance, and I am very curious about it, Abigail Hing Wen writes some fab romance, so eep!

Loveboat Forever by Abigail Hing WenPearl was ready for a worldwide stage. Instead, she needs to stage a comeback.

Seventeen-year-old music prodigy Pearl Wong had the summer of her dreams planned: she’d been accepted into the ultra-exclusive New York Summer Symphony, where she was going to prove once and for all that she belonged in the rigid, unforgiving classical music world.

Then a fall from grace put her in need of new plans—and a new image. Where better to rebuild her shattered reputation than at Chien Tan, the Taipei summer program for elite students that rocketed her older sister, Ever, on a path to romance and self fulfilment years ago?

Pearl’s agent agrees. It’s the perfect plan. But as the alumni know, Chien Tan is actually Loveboat: a well-kept secret extravaganza, where prodigies party till dawn. There’s more awaiting Pearl at Loveboat than she could have ever imagined, like a scandalous party in the dark, a romantic entanglement with a mysterious suitor . . . and a summer that will change her forever.

Set six years after the events of Loveboat, Taipei, Loveboat Forever brings the whole gang back to campus for another reunion.

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