Autumn Book Tag

Autumn Book Tag

Afternoon all~

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Welcome to a new tag! Technically it is still autumn, so today I am doing the Autumn Book Tag!

Which I found over at Misty’s Book Space (check out her answers) back in September. But I just didn’t have enough time or space to do it until now! And boy, it was a lot of fun to do this one! And just in the nick of time too, just 11 more days and it is Winter! I am looking forward to that, but I will also miss autumn. It was a fun season, especially since it was Coco’s first one and seeing her agree and disagree with the chances was fun. She loved the leaves and the wind and all the other things to be found on the ground, but wasn’t a fan of the rain and the cold, haha. It took a bit before it really got in autumn mode, but this girl was ready for it! Candles, check. Warm sweaters and warm plaids/blankets/etc.? Check! Books? Check!

So let’s get to it! And I would tag everyone! Be sure to let me know if you do this one, I love reading book tags and see what everyone is answering~

What is your comfort book?

Mm, I don’t think I have one specific book. It all depends on my mood what I want to read (yay, moodreading). Sometimes my comfort book is one with tons of horror and spooky stuff happening, the other time it can be a fluffy romance, and other times I need a funny children’s book.

What is your favorite creative outlet?

I got several! Baking is one of them! But I also love diamond painting (should pick it up again). Decorating my house and making it even prettier. Knitting (though with my hands it is not always easy). Blogging is also one. Does gardening count? I think that is also creative, haha. I also do love photography though I really need to get on with it, I used to do it a lot, but with Corona and all that came with it I just stopped doing it.

What is a change that appears bad but you secretly love?

I don’t really get this question? You mean in books? Series? I will just leave this one unanswered.

What is something you love that others tend to judge?

Reading books, definitely. And then mostly how much I read, what I read (I love reading picture books, children’s books, and manga/comics). Let me just have fun peeps. Oh, and watching anime is still not 100% accepted. Haha. A lot of people have a fixed image to what anime or manga is. Either violent or full of porn.

What makes you explode with joy?

Many things! Baking! Gardening and seeing my plants really grow. My cute puppy, Coco. My hubby. Books, definitely books cannot forget that one.

What is your favorite scary book or film?

Do you have a while? Haha. I got so many scary movies and books! Let’s see, I will list a select few of them here in pictures! Don’t have many series, I mostly watch scary movies, but I will list my favourite two shows from when I was a kid as well~ I guess I could also add anime, but this list is already getting SO LONG. So just ask me! As for the books, they are from this year, I got more, but I selected these for now. If you ever need some recs for earlier years, let me know! I got some FANTASTIC books.

Fear Street Part one 1994Are You Afraid of the DarkScarewaves by Trevor Henderson, Scary guy with big grin as face coming to you through the forest, monsters, horrorHappy End by ζœ‰η”°γ‚€γƒžγƒͺ, Girl staring at you with blood dripping down the cover, horror, manga, goreRead Scream Repeat by Jennifer Killick, Children's Books, House in the middle of the cover with a character holding a flashlight above it,I Found Puppets Living In My Apartment Walls Ben Farthing, Puppet in the wall, horror, scary The Summer Hikaru Died, Vol. 1 Mokumokuren, Horror, Blue, Boy winking and flashing the peace sign, manga, scary, horror, friendshipSummer Time Render 1] Yasuki Tanaka, Horror, Manga, Girl, Boy, Island, Mystery, Secrets, Gore, Time Travel, Time Loop, AwesomeThe Gideon Testaments Heart, Haunt, Havoc FreydΓ­s Moon, House with Monsters and Two boys with blood on fingers, horror, trans, lgbt, romance, novella, scary,They Come From the Water Wendy Dalrymple, Horror, House, Lake, Death, Sisters, Secrets, Scary, Red, Blue, Purple, FloridaYou're Not Supposed to Die Tonight Kalynn Bayron, Romance, LGBT, Girl, Curly Hair, Moon, Camp, Summer, Summer Camp, LGBT, Young Adult, Horror, Mystery, Mirror Lake

What is your autumn β€˜must-have’ accessory?

I actually have several haha. I look forward to the cold each year, because that means I can wear my favourite hats, scarves, and winter accessories. And yes, I have several, because my body needs to be wrapped up warmly or I get pain/cramps. My favourites this year would be my warm fluffy scarf in gorgeous red + my Takkie winter hat (which I got this year and I am loving it so much).
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