Christmas Book Haul (Thanks Santa) 2023

Christmas Book Haul (Thanks Santa) 2023

Afternoon all!

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A merry welcome to my Christmas Book Haul! I hope everyone has a great Christmas time!

So, yesterday, on Christmas the first day my hubby and I gave each other gifts, I got him books, shirts, and puzzles (with some fun challenges) and he was delighted! As you may expect, my hubby gave me books! I mean, if he doesn’t then he knows that he will break my booklover’s heart.😆 I am SO hyped with which books he got me!!

But he also gave me fun bookish items, including an adorable cleaning cloth for my glasses, I was a bit bored of the blue cloth that came standard with my cases. Plus, the biggest OMG YES was the RoboTime project/puzzle, check it out in the pictures below! Santa, aka my hubby, really spoiled me and I am SO happy with everything, thank you so much my love! I cannot wait to get reading, not sure what I should read first, what do you all think?

Let me know in the comments + also what presents Santa (your family) has brought you!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Book Haul (Thanks Santa) 2023

    1. Thank you Susan! I just finished Things in the Basement (which was awesome) and am reading Ankh-Morpork Archives II (which I am loving so far). 😍💕🌟

    1. I spotted it on Etsy and just HAD to put it on my wishlist, happy that Santa gave it to me. Thank you! So far, 1 book down and loved it, reading the second and loving that as well~ 💕

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