If I wasn’t a Book Blogger, I… Tag

If I wasn’t a Book Blogger, I… Tag

Afternoon all!

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A very happy welcome to a shiny new Book Tag! Today I am doing the If I wasn’t a Book Blogger, I… Tag!

I was tagged by the amazing Laurie is Reading back in October and here we are with my answers! Oh boy, this one was just so much fun! Thanks for tagging me Laurie!

Rules:Link back tot the creator (Laurie @ Laurie Is Reading).
Answer all prompts truthfully.
Tag as many friends as you’d like.
Have fun with it!

If I wasn’t a bookblogger i……Would read less.

Haha, no, if anything I may just be reading even more, just more Dutch books instead of English (see third question). I always been a reader since I was a tiny kid (before that my parents read me tons), always read mountains of books, even before I had a blog or a Goodreads. That won’t stop. Even when this blog disappears I will just be reading, reading, and reading.

…Would be less critical towards the books I read.

Nah, I am a critical bitch anyway. Without my blog I was still ranting on Goodreads, talk about it with my friends (and hubby who loves it when I go on a rage about a book). If a book deserves it I will be critical, with or without my blog. So nah, that hasn’t changed or will change if I ever quit my blog.

…Would miss out on many books I happen to enjoy.

Oh heck yes. Dutch books I can find out through other means (newspapers, articles, bookstores, Hebban, library), but for English I definitely need more than just Goodreads. I need my bloggers, I need Twitter (which without a blog I probably wouldn’t have gotten as I had zero interest in social media before I made my blog), I need publishers, I need articles. I find a fair chunk of my reading through Bloggers and Twitter, so no blog, and I would have missed out on TONS of fun books. So a big thank you to all my dear bloggers who write those awesome posts (reviews, recommendations, and more). Oh, and I am not even talking about Netgalley. Which I didn’t start until I had a blog and also contains many fab books! So yeah, I definitely am happy I got this blog!

…Would never have written reviews on other platforms.

That would be incorrect. I started out reviewing on Goodreads, really enjoyed doing that. If I didn’t have the motivation of friends and family to go for a blog I would have been reviewing there still.

…Would never have improved my writing.

Eh, since I would still be writing reviews, I guess I could still improve my writing that way, and as I mention in the last question, who knows if I have picked up fanfiction again. Haha.

…Would have had so much more time on my hands.

Oh, heck yes. So much time! I write way a lot for my blog as it is (some say too much, haha), and in 2024 I want to do that a bit less and have more time for other hobbies (and this girl got plenty of other hobbies that are crying and want some attention). 2-4 posts a day is a lot of fun to do (along with the occasional post on my Dutch book blog) don’t get me wrong, but with everything else I do on a day it is just much at times.

…Would never have been blogging at all.

That is one I am not sure about. I am also a big fan of gaming and anime, so who knows, maybe I would have written reviews and other sorts of posts for that. Plus, back in my Neopets days I wrote endless fanfiction featuring my pets, who knows maybe I will find another media (or go back to Neopets) and get writing again! Oh man, wouldn’t it be fun if there were other dimensions and in one of those I am doing that? That would be so cool!


Thank you all for reading and I will tag you all. Since it’s been almost 2 months I have no clue who has done this one and who hasn’t (my WP reader doesn’t always seem to show all the posts) so consider yourself tagged! Let me know if you do this one because I would LOVE to know everyone’s answers~ Have a great day!

5 thoughts on “If I wasn’t a Book Blogger, I… Tag

  1. Great answers! In fact, you have been the only one doing this tag so far.

    Jij blogt dus ook nog steeds in het Nederlands? Ik merk dat ik het soms lastig vind om alle ballen in de lucht te houden op twee blogs en dat de statistieken voor mijn Nederlandse blog echt een stuk minder zijn dan die voor mijn Engelse. Ik twijfel dus – alweer – over mijn Nederlandse blog. Je merkt echt dat het in nederland meer verschuift naar Booktok en Bookstagram.

    1. Thank you! Haha, really? I thought by now more people would have done it. Hopefully more people will see it and do the tag!

      En ja, maar heel heel sporadisch hoor. Af en toe eens een review en soms een bieb haul. Dit jaar maar iets van 60 posts, in tegenstelling tot de bijna 200 van vorig jaar. Ik heb ook zelf wel nagedacht over het stoppen, maar voor nu vind ik het nog wel leuk om af en toe te posten (plus bij mijn hosting betaal ik alleen maar voor mijn ENG domein en krijg ik de NL er gratis bij, dus dat helpt ook). Ja, dat snap ik ook heel goed. Al moet ik wel zeggen dat voor magische redenen ik wel views krijg op mijn NL blog terwijl ik amper iets doe (ook amper promote), terwijl ik voor mijn ENG blog het gevoel heb dat ik echt alles uit de kast moet toveren. Het zijn niet veel views natuurlijk op NL, maar het lijkt wat meer organisch (is dat de juiste term) te gaan dan mijn ENG blog. Ja, dat heb ik ook gezien ja! In boekenhandels is het echt BookTok dit en BookTok dat (al moet ik zeggen dat de boeken die er staan NIET voor de leeftijdsgroep zijn waar ze bij staan, maar ach, die discussie heb ik maar opgegeven bij biebs en boekenhandels). Wel jammer dat het allemaal die richting in gaat. Ik heb Bookstagram geprobeerd en ik snap nog minder van het algoritme dan bij Twitter, en BookTok valt af want ik wil niet met mijn gezicht/lijf/stem op het internet. XD Maar ik snap je dilemma wel hoor! Weet je, je kunt gewoon voor 2024 een tijdje het niet doen (hiatus) en kijken of je het echt mist of niet. Als je het nou echt mist zou ik gewoon af en toe posten. Maar als je het nou niet mist, focus je dan gewoon op je ENG blog. En ik weet niet hoe je je voelt over Bookstagram/BookTok, maar anders kun je het daar natuurlijk ook proberen in het nieuwe jaar.

  2. Oof do I relate to most of those, so many books I wouldnt even had gotten to if you guys didnt start yelling about them.
    But then I wouldnt had made myself try and see that I could read in english aswell! Or explore so many nonfictions.

    I do however have way too much time on my hands always- I dont get it 😂 I need more hobbies.. than again I always pick gaming in the daytime as my concentration is still hectic

    1. Thank you! I guess you just had to find the right niche to write for~ What were your other two blogs about? And you’re welcome, thank you for commenting + reading my post! 🥰

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