Library Haul ~ 21-12-2023 (Library #1)

Library Haul ~ 21-12-2023 (Library #1)

Afternoon all!

A very happy welcome to the last Library #1 visit of 2023! What a year it’s been! So many fab books, I love what they are adding and cannot wait for 2024.

It was a bit stormy outside (hello Pia) but no rain so this girl went off to visit the library! I read my books and needed some fresh blood, um, ink for the Christmas holidays (eeep). I was eager to find some new sparkly books, and I can tell you, I did! I found several fabulous books, including a new book in a travel series I love + two Christmas books (which I will save for then), and oh yes, the 3rd book in a series! Plus, a few others. I am very happy with my haul! I cannot wait for the holidays to start so I can read read read~

STATS: 8 books!

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Library Haul DOK books

Book List, Emoji, Cute
Kattenpoëzie by various authors
Kus me, Kerstmis by Rosemary Hart, Mara Li
De avonturen van Rutger, Thomas & Paco #3 by Thomas van Grinsven, Ruger Vink, Sabine van der Stadt
Zo maak je een lezer by Pamela Paul, Maria Russo
Kiezen voor Vincent by Lisa Smit
Rooskleurig by Roos Reedijk
Robin Robin by Dan Ojari, Mikey Please, Briony May Smith
Bretagne by Jules Aubert-Turpin, Frack Juery

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