Review for Bob vs the Trousers of Doom

Review for Bob vs the Trousers of Doom

Bob vs the Trousers of Doom by Andy Jones and Robin Boyden, Fart, Children's Books, Invention, Time Travel, FunnyA new time travel adventure is here! It is time to stop the farting. Time to stop someone making a dumb invention + more!

I was so excited that there would be another book in the series and that Bob would have another time travel adventure!

😍 I am guessing giving what is said in the end there will be at least another book in this series? I mean, you cannot leave us (and poor Bob) hanging like that!
🤣 I just laughed so much at how awkward it was for Bob. I mean, in the future he is married with Gloria who for now is just his best friend (ex-nemesis). And not only that… there is also a baby now. You can imagine that Bob in the past is just feeling so awkward at times being close to Gloria. And Gloria being so confused why Bob is acting weird. Oh girl, if only you knew. Haha. But yeah, he cannot tell her because we all know that time may change in a flash.
😍 The whole time travelling and seeing all the changed as Bob went back and forth and tried to fix things. I loved seeing little hints to things that happened or were about to happen in the past that would affect the future. Like the evil AI program that took over. Or the playground stuff in the future being bugs (or other things from nightmares). I did love that Bob, despite everything seeming quite hopeless at times just kept on going and tried his best to fix things. Make things better. Especially now that he has something else he has to protect other than himself/his future.
😍 The future was quite harrowing this time. I mean, zombies were scary, but I would definitely rank all that happens in this book a bit higher. Not as high as that last bit in the first book though, that was just messed up.
😍 The friendship between Bob, Malcolm, and Gloria. They really have become a team! And it just made me smile so much.
😍 The illustrations! I just love those so much, they really make the story even more fun to read~
😍 The humour was so on point and I laughed so many times.
😍 Farting! Sorry, I am an adult but this still makes me laugh. Sometimes it was a bit disgusting and sometimes it went a bit too far (really, sending a message to all smart stuff to say excuse me when you fart, why?). But in overall, it made me laugh. Especially that there would be a pandemic with farts. Which, to be fair, sounds better than most pandemics.
😍 Despite not doing the best of jobs at times, I did like that the dad keep trying. I do hope that he follows a cooking course, because poor Bob.

All in all, I need more Bob! I need more time travel! I want to see what is next and hopefully it isn’t because of that one smart/annoying/smug boy in Bob’s class.

Star rating, 5 stars

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