Review for Kabushiki Gaisha Magilumiere, Vol.1

Review for Kabushiki Gaisha Magilumiere, Vol.1

Kabushiki Gaisha Magilumiere 1 by Sekka Iwata and Yuu Aoki, Mahou Shoujo, Magic, Technology, fun, action, monsters, two girls on the coverA really fun new look for the Mahou Shoujo genre! I am totally invested!

I was looking around for something new to read when I came across this manga! I really loved the cover and so I had to read it~

And boy, it was such a fun new take on the Mahou Shoujo genre. Some elements are not that new, but there were elements I haven’t seen yet in mahou shoujo. Like, instead of transformation just being magical? Here it is a code made by someone based on how you look + what would look stylish on you, then inserted into a card that, with a few simple words, allows you to transform! So yes, everyone is able to become a Mahou Shoujo, if they want to. Then there is the fact that there are all sorts of mahou shoujo companies that take on commissions and the likes to defeat bad guys. And there is more, it was just such a fun thing and I wish I could step into this universe. Oh, and there are several technological other bits and bobs to make it all work that at times reminded me of the Nanoha series.

Meet Sakuragi Kana, a girl who just graduated and is desperate to find a job. And when I say desperate I mean it. For real, that poor girl is doing all she can to get a job somewhere, remembering all the bits and bobs, and she is just not having any luck! I felt for her. You could just see that she slowly losing all confidence. That she started to think she was useless. But if only she knew where she would end up, haha. But more on her. I loved how hardworking she was. First at the whole searching for a job, but then also being a great helping hand to the mahou shoujo company that wants to take her in. Her memory is just beyond what is normal. She can remember the tiniest bits that she read somewhere far away and apparently is also multi-lingual, given that comment from one of the guys from a job she tried her best for. There are moments in the story that this memory is just the right thing for the job. And as the story continues, and she is getting some more compliments, you thankfully see her get more confident. Have more fun. Try out things. She is turning out to be a great Mahou Shoujo and I cannot wait to read further volumes and see her grow. Her outfit is so cute!

Other parts (before Sakuragi really starts working at the company) are about the Mahou Shoujo of the company that Sakuragi will join later on. Her name is Koshigaya, and BOY she is epic! She kicks major butt and is not afraid to speak up. That scene where she is on the back of a motorcycle (her broom was dead) and trying to kill a monster? So kick-ass! And throughout the book we see that this girl isn’t afraid of anything. She rules. And I just love her transformation + outfit, it very much fits her!

I have to say I was a bit weirded out by the director of the company, I couldn’t blame our MC that she was a bit like, wait what? I mean, wouldn’t you if you saw a big hulking guy who looks like he hasn’t slept a wink in months.. in a frilly pink dress? But we did see that he really cares about the peeps that work for him. And the rest of the crew was also a fun addition. One guy who manages it all, one guy who is a hacker and makes sure that the code is all up to date.

The art was really fun and I love the style!

All in all, this is one series I am happy to have found. It is a fun new take on Mahou Shoujo stuff, something else than magic transformations + side kicks~ Recommended!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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