Review for My First Christmas Cook Book

Review for My First Christmas Cook Book

My First Christmas Cook Book by David Atherton, Katie Cottle, Red, Festive, Baking, Children's BookA really fun book perfect for expert and starter bakers with tons of yummy foods!

I came across this lovely looking book through Twitter I believe and just knew I had to get it! I just love baking books and I was looking for a festive one. I am not a starter baker, I have been baking for years, but I do love books like this. Some adult baking books just carry too many instructions which is overwhelming even for an expert baker (I guess my ADHD/Autism is to blame for being overloaded).

In this book we get many fun recipes all festive!~ From making a tree-bread (which looked so good) to cute owl cupcakes to thumbprint cookies to pizzas that look like sweaters (EEP) to meringue snowpeople to trifles and slushies. There is something for everyone. Sweet, sour, salty. There are bigger projects (like the Gingerbread house) but also smaller projects (like making a dip). I love the variety and I love that indeed all of these are very festive! That sounds weird, but I have had books featuring Christmas or other holidays and then having items that were more general instead of truly festive. I love the instructions and with the fun illustrations they make it very easy to follow and easy to see what you have to do. I am also glad that it is a book from the UK so no cups or Fahrenheit. These days I have cups (finally found them in a store) but Fahrenheit to Celsius leads to some oven trouble at times, haha. I love the introductions to each of the recipes and love that they are personal at times. About his husband. Or about family.

Oh, and of course, as I said, the illustrations were just so fun! As expected of Katie Cottle!

But just like all baking books and cooking books there are recipes I cannot make or I have to adapt. I have a peanut + nut allergy. But I am used to substituting, so that is no problem. I will just have to get creative. Thankfully, there were just 3 or so recipes that I will just have to skip fully, the rest I just will have to think what I can add instead of nuts/almonds. It is a challenge, but a fun one!

I hope that by the time this review pops up on Christmas day that I have been able to try out some recipes, and otherwise in the vacation I have around that time~

All in all, I would recommend this book to all. It is a fun book with great instructions, wonderful illustrations, and yummy food. I definitely will have to go on Amazon to get other books by this author.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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