Review for Pass the Monster Meat, Milady, Vol.1

Review for Pass the Monster Meat, Milady, Vol.1

Pass the Monster Meat, Milady! 1 by Chika Mizube, Peperon, Kanata Hoshi, girl eating yummy food, magic, fantasy, monsters, mangaI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just loved the title to this one + the cover was just so pretty (so many details), I just had to request it! So happy I got the chance to read this one~

In this delightful manga we meet Melphiera Marchalrayd, also nicknamed the Voracious Villainess. Why? This girl looks adorable right? Well, this girl has an insatiable hunger for something special. Namely, she loves to eat monsters. Yep. Slice and dice them. Drain, cook, bake them. Whatever you can do she wants to try it all. And yes, that has earned her a reputation to the point that her stepmother is threatening to send her to the cloister if she cannot find a man to marry (I guess that is one way to get rid of your family members, just marry them off). I really loved Melphiera, she was so much fun and I love how brave she was. Though her social interactions at times, well, lacked a bit. Haha. I laughed quite a bit during her first meeting with Aristide Rogier du Galbraith and how adorable she was there.

It was hilarious that the first look we get at Ari (sorry, I am not spelling out your entire name + your nickname is kinda much) is so fitting to his nickname. Yep, just like Melphiera he has earned himself a nickname, and not just anyone. Oh no, his nickname is The Blood-Mad Duke. We find out why he has earned that as the story continued. And yes, given that cold glance he gives after murdering a monster in just one hit, I can understand that people are hesitant to be around him. But really, Ari is just a sweet and wonderful man. Especially since he is also very much into trying out monster meat. Yup. It was fated for these two to meet and to get betrothed (hey, I don’t consider that a spoiler as it was pretty obvious for me that this would happen). I really loved how sweet he was to Melphiera and how he tried helping her out with monsters. Provided of course that she makes yummy food for him, haha.

I really loved how these two hit off and how they got quite close at times. Yes, these two have chemistry and I was just rooting and cheering for them both.

Bonus points to Kauss, a knight/butler/aide for the Galbraith House. He was such a cool and fun character. Plus, hello, a butler-type character with glasses and a slight attitude, sign me up!

I loved seeing all the foods that she made or was planning on making! Yes, they are monsters, but is that any different from eating normal animals? Given how yummy it is I would think not. Haha. I would definitely love to try out some of the foods she makes + help her out with preparing. I do love cooking so that would be fun!

I really really enjoyed the art. Not only were the character designs a lot of fun, but I also loved how the food was drawn (thank you for making my stomach rumble, haha).

I am curious what happened to Melphiera’s mom and what that lab has to do with it! Hopefully in the next volume we learn more!

I cannot wait to see what is next for this girl + for the duke. I do hope for many yummy moments both in love and food! I would recommend this one.

Star rating, 4 stars

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