Review for Scarewaves

Review for Scarewaves

Scarewaves by Trevor Henderson, Scary guy with big grin as face coming to you through the forest, monsters, horrorA terrifying and scary read that will be sure to keep you up at night!

A book I just couldn’t resist when I saw it come up on Twitter. I just HAD to have this one! I love super dark and scary books and this one looked to be perfect for my horror needs~

😍 Let’s start! The cover! That is just so amazingly scary, it terrifies me!
😍 That the book starts off with a bang. We follow a girl named Beverly who isn’t too happy with her parents. She is walking towards her home from soccer/football and then she hears and sees things. What is next? I won’t tell you, but it was scary! And then we start with Mary, who is moving to the town.
😍 I loved the various characters we get to meet. Mary was my favourite, followed by Lucas, Byron, Rebecca, Jennifer, and Kyle. The last three may partially be because we see them rarely, just one or two chapters and then it isn’t until the end when the kids all gather that we see them again.
😍 The scary stuff that happens in this book. From scarecrows to arms reaching out through walls to a strange tall man with a hidden face (be sure not to see because YIKES) who can just enter your home and say hi (yes, really). This town is messed up and I was wondering why the heck people would stay. I mean, as soon as I would have seen one of those demented deer? Or that guy with the tall hat? BYEEEEEEE! waves and leaves as soon as the night is gone and day is here again

😍 The illustrations were just SO A-PLUS. I mean, some were terrifying, and some were just BEYOND terrifying. That one where Mary finds something in the attic? It was the middle of the night when I read that and, um, thanks for the nightmares dear author, haha. That was just NOPE. But I also loved it, haha.
😍 The radio stuff in between the chapters. We get a bit of an insight in the town, what happened in the past, the sacrifices, the disappearances, the monsters, and more.
😍 The strange stuff that happened when the monsters popped up. Radio static. Strange words. Phones and other stuff not working. Brrrr! As if the monsters weren’t scary enough.

😍 Loved the various POVs, not just the kids that will eventually find each other and form a group (so Mary, Lucas, Byron, Rebecca, Kyle, and Jennifer), but also see the kids/teens that are disappearing in weird/strange/well thank you but no thank you ways. Yep. We get those POVs too, and I just loved it so much.
😍 When the group got together, that spooky night of theirs and all that we find out! That had me just on the edge of my seat (it was morning/day by then I eventually managed to fall asleep). It was a ride and I was definitely shouting at the kids at times just MOVE MOVE and OH NO don’t trust x or y. I loved the things we found out about the monsters, about the radio, and about other parts. There are still some questions left for me, given what we have learned so far over the book’s course.
😍 How dark it got at times. Nobody is safe. And that is something I love. When authors don’t shy away from making sure the stakes are high.

There is one thing. It is a big one. I need more! Please Trevor Henderson, please, oh please. Write more like this! It can be a sequel to this one. It can be something totally new. But I have a craving for more spookiness by you!

I would HIGHLY recommend this spooky book to everyone. Enjoy not being able to sleep, haha.

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